Friday, January 28, 2011

I heart Tennessee.

We have lived in Tennessee for 7 & 1/2 years.
I will admit, for this sheltered Western girl,
it took some serious getting used to.

I have blogged about some cultural differences in the past.
I have also blogged about some of the finest parts of the State.
I have laughed about the language barrier.

But, now as I face the possibility of leaving the state,
I can't stop crying.

Knoxville Tennessee has become more of a home
than any other home I have had.
Our little stone cottage
as humble as it may be,
is the place where I've
grown into my own skin.
It's the place where
LG finally finished college.
It's the place where
our 4th child was born.

It's the place where
so many memories were made.
Good and bad.

And isn't it funny how the only
difference between a good and bad memory
is time?

What's really crazy to me
is that even the things I hate about Tennessee
have become endearing overnight,
as I've faced the possibility of leaving.

And even the bad memories
have become some of my favorite
when I think of leaving the place
called home.
And every small thing
is remembered as a big miracle.

I think it kind of fitting that when I got here
I couldn't stop crying for about a year.
Because if I ever have to leave,
I am sure that will be about the same amount of time
it will take me to overcome my
home sicknesses.

I am so grateful I have blogged
about so many of my favorites.

(not affiliated in any way -
really, they are both just
showcased in the same post.)
(I am glad that the calling
of activities director
has been retired
because I never wanted that one again.)
(I don't think I will ever
get out of the habit of checking it
Our yard.
the good and bad.
And last but certainly not least
(I consider it an honor and privilege.)
We have come far
from the days
we were white trash.

And thanks
to Tennessee,
We now embrace ourselves.

Even the parts
that in the rest of the country,
we might be expected to hide.

If we end up having to move,
I hope the rest of the country
is ready for some Southern living.
Because we never plan to wash a car again.
And we have learned the art
of lawn ornaments.

Surely they can put up with our bad habits,
once they taste my
Southern cooking.

More tears.
I am never gonna make a biscuit again.


Anonymous said...

You are making me sad ...

Where do you think you might be moving? Not too far away, I hope!

We love you guys!


Rita said...

Thanks a lot -- I am now an EMOTIONAL MESS -- crying like a baby -- ugh! You cannot leave me!!!!

I too have grown to love Tennessee -- we are coming up on our six year anniversary here which I can hardly believe.

Love you Alice -- I am going to pray for all of you that whatever is God's will -- even if it means it's time for a change -- will bring you peace and happiness. (And selfishly I will hope that plan does not send you far away!)

Ader Family said...

what they said....

Marilyn said...

Tennessee is a great place with wonderful people. It was fun to read about some of your memories--I've loved the church marquee quotes that you have captured in photographs over the years. Good luck in your next adventure.

A Busy Nest said...

I hope you don't move but I know your husband needs a job.
I hit 16 years in Tennessee in 2 months and I love it too! I moved every 3-4 years of my life and BYU was the longest I lived anywhere until here.
I didn't read all those posts but just the titles alone made me smile.
If you do move, I'm glad you love facebook because I can always keep up with your awesome personality!

Holly said...

It is amazing how much the south grows on a girl. I lived in Louisville for 8 years, and had to be torn away when it was finally time to go. But, 2 1/2 years later, I am in love with our new place and everything I am learning here.

I won't lie--it took a good year before I felt like it was home (and I mourned alot for all that I left behind), but God knows where we need to be so we can grow. :)

BTW, fabulous new look to your blog. I LOVE it!!

stacey said...

Move? Move where?

ShEiLa said...


e.mailing now.


Marilyn said...

Wow-I met you a couple of years ago because my son served his mission in Tennessee. So Tennessee brought us together! He feels the same way about Tennessee and I have experienced Tennessee weather first-hand (all four seasons in three days!) Can't wait to find out what happens next for you!