Faith & Family

My Faith

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I am a proud member of
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

I believe in a living God.
I believe in the saving grace of Jesus Christ.
I believe the Bible to be the word of God written by ancient prophets and apostles in The Holy Land.
I also believe The Book of Mormon to be the word of God written by prophets in ancient America.
I believe that God has not closed the heavens, but that there was a Great Apostasy after the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ, and that today there are again Prophets and Apostles on the earth to lead us under the direction of Jesus Christ.
I believe that the Priesthood that Christ used to raise the dead and heal the sick is used on the Earth today. Many of the important men in my life carry it, and all worthy adult males can have the privilege of acting for God by performing his ordinances (baptism) and administering healing. My life has been enriched greatly by the wisdom, healing, and comfort I have received through the blessings administered to me and my family through the Priesthood.
I believe that I will have the opportunity to live with my family forever because we have been sealed together for eternity in a temple dedicated to God's purposes.
I believe that mortality is a test, and I really want to show God that I love him through my thoughts and deeds.
I believe in the power of love and that loving God and my fellowman are the two greatest commandments.

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My Family

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Family is important to me. Very important. The most important after my faith.

Family is not just my husband and I and our four children, but our family tree goes way back. All the way to Adam and Even actually. So, even though here I only show pictures of those who share DNA most familiar to mine, I include all of mankind as my family because really we are all brothers and sisters and children of God. Everybody has a story and I wish I could hear each and every one.

My husband and four daughters always make me laugh.
Most of my inspiration comes
from the members of my family. 
They are all my favorite thing to write about.
Whether it be my family of origin

The Richard and Sharon Wills family
(my parents are the lucky grandparents of 27 grandkids)
More posts about the Wills family.

or my husband's family of origin
Duane and Faye Gold and children,
More posts about the Gold family.

I am always entertained by their stories and jokes.

Our girls were each named after royalty.
The are all of royal birth.

Abigail Alice is our oldest. She shares her middle name with me and my mother in law. She has been "the source of her father's joy" from day one. She loves soccer, make-up, and hanging out with her friends. She is extremely outgoing yet sometimes self conscience. She has officially choked in 3 spelling bees; the latest being that she started spelling the word soccer with the letter c. Really funny since soccer is her favorite sport. She is a friend to all and a great babysitter. She has a brain that never stops and she has always done really well in school. She is always coming up with great new ideas and is super creative. She loves to sing, but hates playing the french horn. She runs likes the Dickens, and LG is saving for a shotgun to ward off all those boys. I've already been asked for her hand by one of her classmates. Abigail was a little relieved by our can't date til your 16 rule.

Sophia Marie is our charmer. Her names means "wisdom" and hers comes at the most opportune times and it usually makes us laugh. Sophia is a blonde in every sense of the word. She loves to have fun. She loves to cheerlead. She says funny stuff all the time. She is also very smart. She was proud to be the first girl in her class to pass off all of her multiplication tables. Sophia is very artistic and she loves to write. She is always carrying around notebooks and writing utensils and creating works of art in picture and word. Sophia is pretty introverted, and really sometimes she is so quiet that you can forget that she's around.  Sophia is our sweetheart. She is very selfless and is always looking out for others, a natural nurturer.
Isabella Eva was named after the Queen of Spain who funded Christopher Columbus. I went into labor with her on the 4th of July, and held out as long as possible because I didn't want her to have share her birthday with our great nation. As soon as Bella was able to speak, she insisted on being called Bella , not Isabella. I guess that is o.k. since Bella is the part of her name that means "beautiful", and this girl is strikingly beautiful. She is smart like her sisters and sweet too, but she is also our hardest worker and our natural leader. Bella loves basketball and really wants to play softball. Bella is head strong, like her momma, but is also very analytical like her daddy. We think she is gonna be the President of the United States, or maybe more appropriately the ruler of the world.

Caroline Grace has been nothing but spoiled since the day she was born. She has one big mom and three little ones, and all of us tend to over-coddle. The whole family chose Caroline's name together. When she was born she just had this face that looked so old. Her name means "little and womanly" and we thought it was perfect since she is our fourth daughter. We affectionately call her firecracker. She definitely keeps us on our toes. She has an affinity for expensive electronics and dry erase markers, making my life fun. She loves to sing and dance. She also doesn't like to go anywhere without her pacifier and blanky. She adores her daddy and her olders sisters, but all she ever says to her mom is "let's go". She talks in full sentences, and loves to read, even though we can't understand what she is reading about.

We love our children. We adore our children. We are so very blessed.

You may love hearing about our kids from time to time, but the person who I love the most in the universe is my husband, LeGrand. He makes it all possible. He keeps me in line (or he at least tries extremely hard). He is the love of my life and he makes my life worth living. Most of all, he keeps me laughing and teaches me new things all the time: the two most important things to me besides learning the art of love. He knows the art of love, and I am the very lucky recipient.

Knowing my family can be together forever is one of the greatest blessings I have as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.