Friday, October 20, 2006

Petrolium Jelly

Well, I haven't blogged in almost exactly a year. Even though, to my behoovement, many friends and family have been requesting an entry. So, tonight while googling Fry Sauce, I came across another blog with info on the subject. Once in blogger, I could not resist searching for my own blog, which brought me here.

This is an entry that I started last year. And so of course I have no recollection what or why I was writing about Vaseline!?

To the best of my memory, my youngest daughter had gotten into the stuff and smeared it places that I really didn't want it to be. I mean places like my walls, my couches, and all over herself and her clothing. It is the WORST to try and clean up Petrolium Jelly. There has got to be some kind of trick!! Even in these cool sites, about the stuff you can't find CLEAN UP info. What to do? Only for a mother to figure out.

My brother in law Jordan and his cousin Joe once decided to spread a whole canister of Vaseline all over one another's head of hair. Can you imagine cleaning that up? After reading one of the above links, I think it is important to state that Jordan and Joe were toddlers at the time of their Vaseline smearing!

Why is that us Mom's are always faced with these situations???

I was talking to one of my sisters tonight about my other sister. Imagine that! We were discussing how I am totally leery of her coming to visit. (yeah, YOU, figure out which sister I am talking about) This sister, SHANNON, is an immacualte housekeeper. She even didn't get totally flat paint in her nice house because she has to have a paint that she can just wipe the smudges off. Smudges on the walls....aren't those supposed to stay there until they move out???? So, Shannon has to deal with my smudges...I have bigger fish to when my kids get into my Vaseline!!

By the way, I told someone out there that I would blog another entry before the one year mark...looks like I barely made it....If anyone happens to get on my site that I have abandoned for so long....please make a comment...if someone is actually reading, I may have more motivation to write another entry!