Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday Morning

We had a great Easter at Grammy and Papa's.
And lookee, LG took a picture of his beloved wife.
Go figure...there's finally a photo of me at eight months pregnant.
We never got the chance to mow before we left.
Why is it that every time the weather is good we have other obligations?
It seems that the contest I invented last week
to see which daughter could pick the most dandelions was not successful enough.

I am so thrilled with the Knox County employee who chose to give us the
Monday after the holiday off of school.
There is nothing like a day to recoup after a long weekend,
especially when I drove home until 1 am, dreamt of disgruntled clients with guns all night, and took a child to the doctor at 8 am.
Today is just what I needed.
It has been just enough time for Sophia to wrap her hair up in the rope swing.
And Abigail to dress up like a cat.

Did I mention that it's a jungle out there?
And yes those are my pj pants.
And here are the dogwoods just for fun.
Because today there is reason to celebrate.

We're watching Cheaper By the Dozen
and I'm wishing for 9 more....
maybe one would learn how to mow the lawn.


♥ Somebody Loved ♥ said...

I am happy to see you in a photo... 8 months pregnant or not.

I would rather have dandelions than foxtails... I hate those things and my lawn is full of them.


Mother Goose said...

you look so beautiful! I love the purple pj's. BUT OUCH on her hair being caught in the swing!

Renee said...

Look at how beautiful you are!!!

Angela said...

Our week-long Spring Break started today. I'm sure the teachers are glad that the kids have time for the Easter sugar rush to wear off before school starts up again.

You'll have to post a pic of Sophia in her dress that's white with purple flowers.

RedefinedPossibilities said...

You are looking cute at 8 months pregnant. Hope the "final four" go quickly!

EmmaP said...

yikes on the hair in the ropseswing. and who doesn't wanna dress up like a cat???

Klin said...

Love the picture of you. You look great. Yes, I am serious. I love the look of pregnant women, except on me.

OUCH! Hair caught in the swing.

I think I want to dress up like a cat. It looks like a lot more fun than dressing up for court:P

devri said...

Your beautiful 8 months pregnant!~

Glad to see you had a wonderful Easter!

And ouch the swing issue!

Katina Angola said...

I still think you look pregnant where I just look fat.

Alice Faye said...

I think Dad and I better come to Knoxville soon and rescue your lawn...and Sophia's hair in the swing!

Ree said...

You look great. But at 8 months pregnant, how come you still have no belly? I'm rolling around!

Don Ashley and Tigger said...

Love that picture of you :-D

Rita said...

You do look beautiful Alice! Hard to believe you are getting so close to your due date. So glad you enjoyed your Easter. Tell Abigail she makes a darling cat! ;) Hope we can catch up soon!

The Wills Family! said...

Lookin' great Alice!

Lori said...

Whoa, Abigail looking at Sophia's hair in the rope is kind of freaky.
I like the dandelion contest. Work is so much more fun when it's competitive.

Liam's Mom said...

I just want you to know you look gorgeous in this photo!