Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The WORK and the Glory

We spent a good proportion of May involoved with the filming of The Work and the Glory. Sophia has a short stint in the second film. She plays the three-year-old Rachel. I was such a good stage mom! We are looking forward to the film coming out in theatres. You will have to look for one in your area. With the first film it only played in a limited amount of theatres nationwide. The film is available now on DVD. I recommend it and the books by Gerald Lund.

Because Sophia was considered a "principal" actor when we were on set; they rolled out the carpets for us, as is tradition in the "acting" world. No wonder why they all have such big egos...the industry puts the actors on this awful pedestal. Although, I must say that most of the actors that we came into contact with were very down to earth and nice, especially to Sophia.

Well, as you can see, Sophia had her own trailer. Isn't she so special? When we got home from our first day on set, Sophia and I relayed all of the details to LG and Abigail and Bella. We especially made a big deal about her trailer. Abigail got a little jealous of the attention that Sophia was getting. I called the casting director and asked if Abigail could come on as an extra one day. Cookie was really helpful towards my sibling rivalry situation and booked us in for a day.

So, a few days later, Abigail and drove up the road 30 miles to The Museum of Appalachia where they were filming The Work and the Glory II. As we drove up and saw all of the trailers (wardrobe, hair, make-up) Abigail turned to me and said in all seriousness, "Where is my trailer"? She was in for a rude awakening as we stood in the "cattle call" lines all day with the rest of the thirty or so extras. Many crew members got a few laughs as I sarcastically inquired where Abigail's trailer was.

Abigail and I played as "extras" in a few horrendous scenes. Abigail absolutley detested the whole day and told me that she did not like acting at all. I couldn't blame her. I hated dragging her around to play "pretend" all day. It was 80+ degrees outside and we were filming a winter scene where we had to run up and down a hill multiple times. We had to wear Pioneer petticoats, bonnets, dresses, tights, uncomfortable "issued" shoes, PLUS, winter coats and shawls. We were running after a horse, and the last time we had to ditch the poop that he had deposited just minutes before, ruining the 14th take. By the end of the 15 takes I was saying, "Where is my trailer"? Oh, the things we do for our children.

At the end of the day, Shay, the assistant casting director invited us for another day of filming; I couldn't even seem to find any tact.(surprise, surprise!) When Shay said, "Could you come back on Tuesday?" I answered with a very loud, "NOOOOoooooo." followed by a much too soft, "thank you!"

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


My newest nephew. Lucky for my sister-in-law, Meagan, he was only 8 lbs. 4 oz. My brother-in-law, Jordan, was a whopping 12 lbs. when he was born. Lucky for Carson, he was born on July 24, 2005. July 24th is the day that marks a great Mormon holiday, Pioneer Day. Pioneer day is the day that we celebrate the Mormon's arrival in 1847 to the Salt Lake Valley, also memorializing our great Pioneer Heritage.

It is just coincidence that Carson's parents gave Carson the middle name Taggart. Carson shares this name with his famous Mormon great-great-great-great grandpa. Carson was given this name months before they knew he would be born on Pioneer Day.

George Washington Taggart was part of the historic Mormon Battalion and was the father to SarahJane Taggart. SarahJane was the mother of Horace Heiner. Horace and Amy Heiner were the parents to Melba Heiner Gold. Melba is the mother of my father-in-law, Duane Gold. Duane is the father of my husband, LeGrand, and LeGrand's brother, Jordan, the father of the newest little nugget, Carson Taggart.

Monday, July 25, 2005

The Potluck

Learn one VITAL sign in ASL: Eat food!

As opposed to Eat poo ("U-no-poo" was one of my favorite parts of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling)Wouldn't I love to be like J.K. Rowling someday!

Well, this entry is dedicated to one vital facet of Mormon life.....the potluck dinner. I must say that before moving to Tennessee, I really liked potlucks. But, too many bad experiences in my congregation here have quite turned me off. At our Christmas party last year, we ran out of food.....a Christmas party with not enough food???????
And sometimes after church on Sundays we have what is called a "linger longer" where all people bring food items of their choice and after our 3 hours of meetings we dine together. Or, we are supposed to dine together.

Last year I made a vow to never attend a linger longer again. On this particular Sunday, I left disgusted with potluck dinners. I had taken 3 dozen homemade rolls and two very yummy and large salads. When it came time to eat I found myself at the back of a very long line. I gathered 3 empty plates for my children and was astounded when all that was left of the spread was some yucky mac-n-cheese- and a 3 quarter empty rice-cooker with cold hard rice. My kids were starving and the people ahead of us had been VERY RUDE and gotten themselves very large servings and sometimes even TWO plates. I couldn't believe my eyes! I told LG that I would never attend a linger longer again.

Yesterday, after church, LeGrand came home and said, "Alice, you aren't going to like this, but...." I had no idea what he was going to say....only the worst was going through my mind.....(IDEAS: the Bishop wants us to donate a $1,000, I have been called on a mission to Zimbabwe, I want a divorce)

I braced myself, and inquired. He said,"I think that we should go to the Linger Longer next week." I lovingly questioned him and he put forth some powerful arguements and I agreed that I would go, but that I would stash enough lunch for the kids in the diaper bag, just in case.

As LG walked back to our bedroom to change out of his suit, I hollered, "LG, you aren't going to like this, but, I think we should have another baby." (No, I am not announcing anything)

LG, turned quick on his heels, met me in the kitchen, made eye contact and said, "O.k. Alice, we don't have to go to the linger longer." Isn't he funny?

P.S. I think he talked me out of Baby #4 for now.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

London Bridge

Our prayers to the victims of terrorism in the wonderful city of London. Here is a poem I wrote after 9/11. It showcases my feelings toward terrorism.

Choose to Live

I will choose the faith, not the threatening fear.
Observe the children at play and not their danger.
I will hear the laughter, not see the tear.
The love of a friend, not the threat of a stranger.

Life is not lived if we choose to retreat.
If all we see is wrong then we have failed our test.
Let us not all give up, stay home, be beat.
Choose to live and give and take from life the best.

Now, if that hasn't done enough to inspire you, here is a quick funny story.

About a month ago, we went over to the home of some friends, who had also invited a woman over who is a new member of our church. She is a single mom to a 6 year old son. At one point all of the children were engaged in the timeless game of "London Bridge". As I assisted the 6 year old boy and my 6 year old daughter, I made a terrible Freudian slip....."Take the key and knock her up." I swear I need to staple my lips together!!!

For you die hard fans....Yes, I am going to still try and get on here once in while. Sorry, I got really burned out....keep watching...I could surprise you.