Friday, January 03, 2014


I  used to trap myself in the ideal that people shouldn't change, and then I went to therapy. I now realize that people not only can change, but they should. Change has made me a much happier person.

As you know, last year I made the hard decision and retired this successful spot online. I moved on to a great little blog that was created for the purpose of supporting myself through some changes, specifically learning to love being a stay-at-home mom. I am proud of what I created here and what I created at InLoveatHome, but I can't stop changing. I'm evolving all the time and I am sick of jumping ship when a subject gets uninteresting to me.

I came up with a solution....create a blog that allows for evolution. Make myself a place where I am not confined to writing about funny things or even things about the home. I wanted a place that would support me in my aspirations to write. My youngest is going to kindergarten this year, and I want to really dig in to my dream of writing a novel. I can't shake the haunting feeling that I am not getting any younger, and I shouldn't wait for a sunnier day.

So, with great risk of looking like a total fool I have created a space just for me. O.k it's only 1/8th of a place so far. I still have a lot of work to do.

If you feel so inclined to follow me or support me in my dream, please know you are welcome to join me at my new blog. The title bears my name and I hope to stay there for, well, forever. See you there. alicewgold