Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Tennessee Spring Picnic

As a lot of you know, I am the Activities Chair at church. It is quite the interesting calling. It is a whole lot more work than I ever could have imagined.

We recently had a great Spring Picnic. When you only get 100 out to church and 140 show up to your picnic, you know you threw a great party.

I was down a water cooler and so for the majority of the party I was busy taking care of the need for hydration. Those guys were getting into that game of soccer, and NOBODY is going to faint for lack of water on my watch.

So, you can imagine that when Sheila recently sent me this picture and caption,
I really got a kick out of it. I hope you will too.

In the last Ward I lived in, we had a spring picnic.
The Bishop decided that, due to budget limitations,
we could provide only one drink per person.
I was released from the Activities Committee for ordering the cups.

Sorry, I never got a chance to pull out my camera until the end of the picnic. (that's how it is when you are in charge) If you want to see a picture of the cool view from our pavilion during the night, go and check out Jennifer's post.

Here is our last activity of the night: the pie eating contest in the dark. (It wasn't supposed to be in the dark, but hey, any party is better with some last minute fun in the dark)

I think that everyone felt like dirty little winners.

But here is Jennifer, the true winner.

Those skinny girls just have it so easy.

They can eat whatever they want.

And who knew they could do it faster than all the men?

Look, Elder Dilley was ecsatic to participate.

But we all know the real reason he is so happy. He is going home next week.

Two years is a very long time to be away from your family.


Chrys said...

Loved it! This is my dream calling! It looks like you did a great job. A larger show than sacrament meetings, eh? Better be careful they may have you give a talk to up their numbers. LOL! congrats on a fun evening for all. THANK YOU THANK YOU for not having those pesky word identifiers to leave a comment.

Yvonne said...

That must have been quite a picnic. Way to go.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever thought of, printing all your blog entries, and getting them bound into a book--to market it could be called:

"Jell-o for the Mormon Mom's soul"
or simply
"I"m so funny"
"I don't claim to be sain, but I'm a great mom"
"Take my advice, never think twice"

you could make yourselves rich along side your husband(if not before)!!

Sheila said...

It looks like you pulled off a smashing event. The pie eating in the dark contest... I bet they were 'dirty' little winners. Nice play on words. Glad you could implement the big cup photo too.
toodles, Sheila

Renee said...

That's a funny picture.

It looks like a huge success. I'm on the activities committee in my ward and may just have to steal some of your ideas. You're good.

Lindsey Diane Rose said...

I really wish I had those cups, how awesome! The party was great, way to go.

a wynn wynn situation said...

You are such a party girl Alice!! Looks like a fun festive event-- now you just need to move back here and liven up the SSH 2nd parties!

Shelley said...

looks like some good fun! Good job

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

Looks like you had a successful activity! Lots of people there having fun!

Loved the big cup caption and that photo. Hilarious!

Terry said...

Great job on the picnic! Its very impressive that you had a bigger turnout to your party than what you get for Sacrament Meeting! No doubt its a lot of work! I think it especially is in a small ward. Its seems like when you are a leader in a small ward, there are less people to help and more work falls on you. Your ward is lucky to have you!

MiaKatia said...

That looked like a fun ward activity! Love that you had a pie eating contest :)

Michelle said...

Oh I would LOVE to be activities director!! I really live to plan and organize things!!

Way to go!!

The P*dunc's said...

It's a wonder we don't have food on Sundays. Attendance would double.