Sunday, January 13, 2013

Mustache you about those beards

While having cream of wheat in the kitchen Thursday morning, 
here was the conversation.

Caroline (in her alarmed voice): "Mom, we have beards again."
Me: (referring to the photos on the wall) "Who did that?"
Caroline: "Abigail."
Me (laughing): "Why would she do that?"
Caroline (in all seriousness): "Because she's a brat!"

I have loved these photos in our dining room.
They have given us a whole lot of entertainment.

One of my favorite times was when I noticed
that the kids had switched the order of the photos
so that they read

Ice-cream is better than your love.

I guess that would be an honest statement
depending on whether or not
you have an available bowl of ice-cream.

Funniest part is that by the time
this busy mom noticed
the kids swear they had been rearranged for
at least a month.

Maybe ice-cream is better than my love.
Sometimes I am too busy serving my family
that I forgot to stop and make sure they know
that I love them dearly.

1 comment:

Jenny Lynn said...

Those are some great pictures hanging in your dining room.

Sophia is sweet name and I like how you knew what to name her when you looked into her eyes.