Sunday, October 14, 2012

Photography 101

I just took a photography class.
I loved it.
I hope to find more time to pursue this hobby.
Not that I will ever be famous
or anything
but at least maybe I will be able to capture
some good family shots.

Here are the shots
from class
that make me the most proud.

I know I still have so much to learn,
but I am proud of the things that
I picked up in the class.

I can now
photograph in the dark.

I love the modern feel to this one.

Through glass at sunset.
UVU's library is so beautiful at sunset.
I want to go back to school 
and study there every night.

I just love that I now know
how to capture the star of my lens.

This would have turned out cool
if I had used a tripod
but you get the idea.
We learned about shutter speeds.

I couldn't quite get what I wanted here
but still a fun shot of UVU stadium.

The different hues
of lighting.
Supposedly it's all about the 
amount of heat put out by the light source.
Must take Photography 102.

After I got this shot,
I felt o.k. with calling it a night.
Pretty cool, huh??

And while leaving my last night of class
I had to lay on the wet ground to get this one.

And this one
as all my classmates
walked by.

And this one of the late night dance class.

O.k this one wasn't part of my class
but I took it on Friday
and I love it.


Tammy said...

Beautiful photos. I need to take a class.

LyndiLou said...

So glad you're enjoying your class... looks like you're learning so many great things!

Holly said...

Impressive. Keep up the good work. You obviously have some natural talent in this arena!:)

Donna said...

Love it!