Thursday, October 18, 2012

The sense of a goose

I've been watching
The Canadian Geese
for several weeks now.
The seem to want to follow me
wherever I go.
On my run, at my house, on my errands.
They just keep coming.
I love to hear their honking greetings
and watch them change up their formations.

Call me weird.
That's what my kids do.
One of them said the other day,
"Mom. what's your fascination with the geese?"
I answered, "I don't know
they are just so beautiful,
and we are lucky their flight
patterns go through here."

The other day 
while having a particularly hard married day
(oh c'mon, you have those too),
I was on the phone with a friend.
Outside of Wal-Mart,
crying a bit, is where I stood.
Pondering life.
While getting my pep talk,
tears were flowing freely.

I was in a place of major frustration.
was running through my head and heart
Why does it not seem to matter
how hard we try?
Why can we not just arrive
where we need to be?
Why do I have to keep working so hard
just to be beat down
again and again?
Let down.

I watched a large group of geese
and another.
Cried on.
Chatted on.

And then God sent me a sign.
In the form of two straggling geese.
They were all by themselves,
braving the big skies
without their group of friends.
They seemed to be in a hurry.

I instantly remembered a story I read
years ago.
It was titled
"why do we not have the sense of a goose?"
It taught that geese mate for life.
If the mate goes down for whatever reason,
so does its mate.
Couldn't we have more loyalty as humans?

I looked up at those determined geese
and wondered of their story.
Then I heard God's voice.
It said,

"Keep going,
don't give up,
you may fall down,
he may fall down
but just like those geese,
you'll get there
Go the right direction.
Who cares
if every single other pair
of geese get there ahead of you.
All I need you to do
get here."


Angel said...

Beautiful! Enjoyed this very much!

cally said...

i love you. All I need you to do is get that.