Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Be like a Bee

I have a fascination with honey bees.
Remember this old post
when I took my camera into the shower to photograph them?
Good times back in Knoxville.

When M. Russell Ballard
gave this address
Be Anxiously Engaged
during General Conference,
I was delighted to listen.

Today I went outside with my camera
to try and capture something beautiful.
Why not the honeybees across the street?

It's pretty powerful to think about what we can accomplish when we all focus on the things of God,
even if we, like the bees, each just produce our 1/12th of  a teaspoon it will be more than enough.

On another bee note. 
The BYU documentary that I just saw for the first time on Sunday also inspired me to do more for others.

I love so many metaphors from this documentary but perhaps the one the most lovely is that bees use white clover (a normally discarded weed) as their food-source. The bees see the clover like no one else does.

 If I live my whole life and accomplish all that I wanted it will be in vain if I can't look at every other person I meet and see the white clover inside of them.

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ShEiLa said...

I do remember your previous post... I clicked on over to be sure (and read my comment). I try never to be anxiously engaged in anything. ;) Just kidding. I must say honestly though... I don't have the umph I used to have.