Monday, July 18, 2011

My love affair with THE Wal-Mart

How anyone living in the 21st century can avoid shopping at Wal-Mart is beyond me?
If you have found the secret, do tell.

Recently I have reconnected with the site
Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness.
There are some crazies out there.

It's really sad to think I am one of them.
I just entered my self-check out story in their contest.
I can't remember the offered prize,
but what do you want to bet
that it's going to require more of my life
given to my local Wal-Mart?
Shoot, now I hope I lose.
Unless of course,
I won't have to actually spend
my own money at the place.

Tristi had a hilarious tweet the other night.
It said, "I got an e-mail from Wal-Mart, they miss me,
uh, I was just there an hour ago."

Truth is always the best humor.
I was shocked at myself today when 
I not only respected but admired some people 
over at Wal-Mart:

Please tell me all my shopping hasn't tainted
the little bit of sanity I have left.

Whose with me?
Is this not the smartest way a man could wait for his wife
while she is shopping?
You know how I always get distracted
in those clearance sections.
I mean he could probably
sneak in a whole basketball game
when it's back to school season.

The only thing that I would suggest
as improvement
are a few extra camping chairs
kiddie size.
If you get my drift.
Then mommy could really get her shopping on.

A set up like this would have really come in handy

I really am confessing
all my love for Wal-Mart today
aren't I?

I think next month my game
is going to be
who can tell the best Wal-Mart story?

I think my mother in law has one
about someone passing gas.

Go ahead, feel free to give us a teaser.

Oh yeah, and don't forget this month's contest.
I've only got six funny jokes to choose from so far.
You don't want to disappoint my kids, do you?
Your chances of winning a $20 giftcard of your choice
are looking real good.
Who wants one to Wal-Mart?


Kathy said...

I do not shop at wal mart. It drives me nuts. I am a target shopper. ;)

Rebecca said...

I am a Target girl all the way. I can't stand Wal Mart. But if you want to get your workout in while shopping then hit a Super Wal Mart. It will cover your whole days walking. :-)

ShEiLa said...

I am NOT in love with Wal-Mart at all. Tony and I try our best to NEVER shop there. WE don't like that the corporation DOES NOT value it's employees.

It is all about the bottom $$$ line with them... and I would rather shop anywhere else but there. Seriously.


ps. Rebecca I love Target too!
I also love Walgreen's.

necturina said...

with 5 kids, it's really all about the good deals. And walmart has them. Besides, I just went to the newly remodeled Target, and they have completely Walmartified.

Renee said...

Walmart is my least favorite store, but I hear you. It's hard to resist their prices, they're like the Satan of retail! AND they'll take anything back no matter what. Incredible.

My worst Walmart story... let's see, I remember being in a Kentucky Walmart, nuff said, and saw a teen mom with a baby who must have been less than two months old in the front seat of the cart. Poor thing was slumped over, it made me super sad.

I like Target way better and IKEA. I love IKEA.

Barb said...

Had to come over and say "hey". Thanks so much for your meaningful critique of my blog today. I really appreciate it! As for this post and your image - made me LOL! (So, yes, you ARE funny!!) I'm a Target girl all the way, but will visit the Walmart if need be. While the Walmart drives me nuts for so very many reasons - it NEVER disappoints in the people watching area. Good times!

Alice Wills Gold said...

I prefer to shop at grocery stores and Target and love Walgreen's too Sheila, but it's hard to NOT shop at Wal-Mart when you can do a one stop trip. Price matching people!!

I adore you Sheila and your commitment to buying American made.

Barb, thanks for stopping by. I added you to my blog reader.

Whitney Lawson said...

Once while Chad was in a KY Walmart, he witnessed a lady barge in with blue hair, waving around a box of hair color screaming, "I'll sue the whole Walmart!"

Alice Wills Gold said...

Whitney, That just made me laugh so hard.

Jackie said...

Well, I havent shopped at a walmart in over 3 years, but not by choice... We kinda dont have them here in Guam, but I would def be shopping there if I could.

Anonymous said...

No one forces anyone to work at Walmart.

I had a friend who worked there for several years, had an opportunity to switch to a new Target in town, and chose not to.

I personally enjoy shopping at Target more, but I have seen Walmart be a real blessing in the lives of consumers in a rural area.

Nancy Marie said...

We only have a Walmart otherwise I would gladly shop elsewhere. Target and other stores are at least 45 minutes away.

joe said...
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