Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Well Rounded

We are trying to teach our girls to be well-rounded.

This photo is one proof that we are succeeding.

Sophia is a fashionista who plopped down to read in the field
as soon as soccer was over last week.

Another proof happened last Saturday.
Here was the conversation between LG and I:

LG: "The girls don't want to eat their lunch until this round is over."

Me: "This round?"

LG: "Yeah, didn't you know that they watch WWF every Saturday."

And then Sunday after church,
here was the conversation between the girls and I.

Me: "O.k. girls, let's do something else besides watch T.V. today."

Abigail, "Well, what about the opera?"
(They have been watching the opera every Sunday.)

Me: "O.k. you can watch T.V. if it's the opera,
or we will help you pick a Sunday appropriate movie."

Sophia replied with, "I'm not in the mood for the opera."

Abigail screamed, "Can we watch Harry Potter?"

I've told them that they can watch any movie on Sunday
as long as they can tell me how that movie
helps them think about God or Jesus Christ.

hmmmmm...I wonder what Abigail's answer
to the frequently repeated question would have been:
"What does Harry Potter teach you about God or Jesus Christ?"

I am sure she would have come up with something.

Our girls are well-rounded like that.
They have keen understanding.

It's all because of the WWF and the Opera;
And the soccer and the reading.


Somebody Loved said...

That is the cutest pic ever.

I had to click, enlarge and enjoy.

The hat struck me... what is on the hat. (now i see it is a custom made Harry Potter hat) then I noticed the pink .n. white soccer ball... the green shin guards or leg warmers are cute... fashionista for sure.


ps. I have talke to you about this before but WWF & UFC are similiar. (gay guys fighting)

Klin said...

I love me some Junie B. Jones. The books are great for understanding how kids think. Barbara Park is amazing.

Harry Potter helps me be like Jesus and Heavenly Father because he is always fighting against evil. He gets hurt and he keeps on going. He is a good example of endurance.

Can I go watch now?

Devri said...

I love that photo..Ilove the green socks!!! I love you.. I love me.. ok not so much me.. oh well, have the bestestest day evah would ya!

Renee said...

That's a great picture!

MiaKatia said...

WWF huh? Doesn't seem like LG is suffering to much in his house of girls.

Alice Faye said...

This is just too funny. Let me tell you though, I'm sure their great-grandfather has whispered in their ears, "Watch WWF, Watch WWF." He LOVED it!!!

Mother Goose said...

i love it, we don't watch tv on sunday either. We always watch movies and we relate it to the scriptures or church all the time. it almost seems like a habit now.
I am interested to know what she says.

I love how your kids are well rounded. They are grounded in the things that matter.

Marla said...

That picture is perfect! :) Great job momma! You are teaching your girls wonderful things.