Wednesday, May 06, 2009

A message for the mothers

I read John's blog yesterday. He was a little worried about his assignment to preach a sermon on Mother's Day. I shared my thoughts with him about what a huge challenge I think that would be. It is a hard task to pay tribute to motherhood without making mothers feel guilty about what they aren't accomplishing, or further hurting those who've lost their moms, or the women who can't have children for whatever reason who long for nothing else but motherhood.

I think one of the greatest challenges about Mother's Day Sunday though is forgetting the worship of our Savior. So many years, all you ever hear about are the mothers, and it seems to be forgotten that Sacrament Meeting is meant for worshiping our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Lori posted this video today from the church website. I thought it was a PERFECT Mother's Day message. Not only because it spoke to me so strongly a few weeks back when I first heard it, but because the message of our Savior taking on himself all of our trials and discomforts is exactly what moms need to remember. Jesus Christ NEVER stops thinking of us and he never gives up on us, even when it may seem like we are all alone in a insurmountable task of raising God's children.


Somebody Loved said...

Jesus' calling as our Savior... is similar to the call to Motherhood. Although we willingly accepted the call... the emotional and spiritual strain at times are tough to bear. Jesus was ultimately left alone to shoulder the burden for us... and yet our Father never leaves us as Mother's totally alone.

A beautiful message for this time of year...


Mother Goose said...

so true and what a wonderful way to view motherhood where no one should dread the day.

Funny Stuff said...

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