Thursday, January 17, 2008

Blogging Award

Rita awarded me today with a "made her day" blogging award. How exciting!! It's my first blogging award. (which now that I am famous, I am sure will be followed by many others) I am thrilled.

The only let down is that there was no cute little button to add to my blog. You'll have to read my comment on Rita's blog for my true feelings. I want that button Rita. For now, I am posting this scrapbook page of Rita's to act as my "made my day" button. I think this will work just grand.
Rita, don't worry about creating me another button. I got it under control. (Is it kosher in the blogging world that I just made my own?) Heck, we all know, anything goes in the blogging world. That is the beauty of it. Make sure you scroll down to the left and check out my permanent button. :)


Liam's Mom - Gina said...


Rita said...

Oh Alice -- you are SOOOO funny! You really wanted that button didn't you??? LOL

And I may still come up with something for you, but I better act quickly. As you become more famous, I am worried you won't have time for little people like me! ;)

andrewgorgueiro said...

Alice you are so fun & I love checking out your blog! We have 1 now finally too! Andy has taken over but when I get better & get off my butt I will have full gain on it (actually we will share) So check us out!