Saturday, January 19, 2008

Leave it to Beaver

The other day, on the radio, I heard someone reference Leave it to Beaver. I thought, "That show is something I haven't thought about for a while."

This morning, I check my blog and realize that I have a comment from somebody exciting. I love making blogging friends. I was astounded by her link to: an apron making contest. These aprons are popping up everywhere. Are we really going back to wanting to be like June Cleaver? This could be a good world, where all the women are dolled up making dinner for their perfect little families. I am just a little worried that I may not fit in?

I did buy this apron at Christmastime, does that count for anything?

Oh, and I got myself a sewing maching for Christmas too...I just am still trying to figure out how to use it...maybe an apron should be my first project, so that I could actually finish it before the trend is over?


Rita said...

Cute apron -- and I seriously doubt this crazy world of ours will revert back to the days of June Cleaver. :)

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

The stay at home mother's world is getting to be more glamorous and recognized the past few years... these aprons are one sign that women are taking pride in their jobs. I think it's great. I'll probably never buy one, but I just might make one for the special occasion cooking some day... who knows. Here is a link that was really fun to browse:

Congrats on the sewing machine. Mine is all dusty from before Liam was born. I need to get quilting again.

Cruze said...

yes! Aprons! Woo!