Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Love

Happy 15th anniversary to my love.
He got a ukulele
and no action at all
because I just had a miscarriage
and it was the best anniversary yet
because he needs nothing from me.
Nothing at all to love me.
It's his unconditional gift
and I am the luckiest girl in the world.

My love is bottomless.
It goes on forever.
Like through a black hole and back.
Or up to Jupiter
and all around it
and through it 
to the next solar system
and then back
and then back again.

It would take the strongest hurricane ever
to spread the true power of my love for you.
Of course the hurricane would
have to travel the whole earth.
It would take a mouse's 
smallest tiniest squeak
to fitfully stand as the opposite my 
loudest declaration
of love.

The prettiest fullest
most colorful flower fields
are not as beautiful to me
as your smile
or your eyes
or your hands
or your laugh
and especially your tears.
The happy and the sad.

The grandest canyon
which we witnessed together
as we stood in awe
is not even as miraculous
as how I feel for you.
Even the great Pacific
that gently caresses
the shore
while the sun falls
in majesty
is not as glorious
as what we share.

And I sit
to try and
put words to
how I feel about you
and nothing comes
that can do it justice
I know that
no matter how much
I love you today
and no matter how huge
that love feels
like my heart is going to explode
my love will be even greater.

Every day with you adds
a universe to travel,
another canyon to explore,
a garden planted,
and an ocean shore.
How can I express that?
How can I tell our future?
The slowest person
may be the last to laugh.
And that person may be me
every time
but I know I will be o.k
because you will always be at my side
and you
will always laugh first
because you are miraculous
and you will always be smarter than me
but that is one of the may infinitesimal
reasons I love you.

And I will always love you
and that love will always be growing.
It will never ever stop.
Just like our lives together.
Totally mind-blowing.
Completely flustering
because I am not smart enough to understand it
but I know one thing
the only thing that is important.
My love for you
needs time to never end
because it needs
that much time to grow
to reach it's fullest potential.

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Laura said...

I'm really behind on reading. But I love reading your posts. Happy late anniversary. I am also sorry to hear about your loss. You are fantastic just fyi.