Monday, April 30, 2012

Race #2

The whole family participated in a 5k together.

I would say it was our first, but LG did one last year with all the girls.
Caroline didn't join us this time.
We got a sitter.
It was a great time
and we appreciated the chance to have some family fun
while exercising AND helping raise money for the kids school.

Have I ever told you how much I love my man?
Thanks LG for supporting me in my crazy adventures.

It was a small race,
but Abigail was 14th overall.
If she would have passed one female
she would have won a top 3 prize.
Funny she doesn't really "run" persay,
but soccer really is a great sport for overall athleticism.
Next year Abigail's goal will be to beat Ms. Shepherd
who was 2 minutes faster than her.

I was happy with my time.
That is almost a two minute improvement 
from my first race in January.
I'll take it!
Little Miss Sophia came in 6 places behind me.
At the beginning of the race she was sticking right with me,
I thought she would beat me,
but all my training brought me in 5 minutes ahead of her.

LG was the best dad and stayed with Bella the whole way.
At the end I ran back to them
and offered to carry Bella up the hill
but LG said "NO WAY ALICE -
She has to finish by herself."
What a smart dad.

This is what we all looked like at the finish.
Go Gold family.

Go here for official race results.


ShEiLa said...

a family event... what fun!!!


Janice said...

The pictures on this one make me smile. So great.