Friday, November 04, 2011

I'm an idiot.

So, a week ago I set up comment moderation on my blog so that I could weed out the spammers more efficiently. They have gotten crazy as of late. So crazy that I considered becoming one to make some much needed cash. :) LG forbid it. You can thank him for being the sensible one.

Well, the 38 year old that I am, had totally forgotten until cousin Kim made me aware that she had commented but it wasn't showing up and it said it was waiting for me.

I do appreciate all the comments that were waiting for me...about 50 of them. Who is the oversensitive idiot now?

I am mostly just glad that you all aren't missing out on what I consider my best giveaway.

I do feel God pulling me in another direction, but I want to reassure the few of you that showed some disappointment that I will keep blogging here. It just won't have as much of my focus. And that is the way it supposed to be and I am happy about where I am and where I am going....much happier now that I know not all of you gave up on me all together and that I am just forgetful. God really does work in mysterious ways...sometimes even through our own brain freeze.


Kim said...

Does that mean I automatically win the halftee contest? :)

Rita said...

Silly girl! I was reading your "done with blogging" post thinking, gosh, I know I commented on her halftee post... :)

And by the way, I do still read your blog -- just not every day -- I catch up whenever I have a few minutes to do so. And sadly, I do think Facebook ruined me as far as blog reading -- I used to read a lot of good ones and rarely read any now.

Have a great weekend! Miss you!

JennyLynn said...

I don't have has much time as I would like to read and comment on blogs. I feel myself being pulled in a new direction as well.

I love to read your blog when ever I get a chance it is one of my top 10 favorites. :)