Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mormons and Music

A few weeks ago we attended
Abigail's informal
choir performance.

I was astounded!

For just a few weeks of school,
this 7th grade choir
sounded amazing.

I love how in this song
Abigail misses the first clap.

And seriously,
this middle school has enough talented pianists
to accompany all their choirs.
Check out this accompanist.
She's so young
and inspiring.
Watching her accompany the choir
made me emotional and proud
and she isn't even my kid.

I am grateful that our girls have the opportunity to go to school in Utah.
The choral music programs here are remarkable.

As evidenced by the recent Mormon ties
in the popular show Sing off.

Everyone knows that there is no better choir
in the world than
The Mo Tab.

What about The Osmonds?

The Jets are my personal favorite Mormon musicians.

I recently read about Brandon Flowers,
also a Mormon musician.

There are so many amazing Mormon musicians that I could do this for months.
I haven't even gotten into Mormon contemporary music.
I recently shared Hilary Weeks and Michael McLean.

The Hinckley brothers are personal friends.

Here is one of my new favorite singles
by a new favorite Mormon musician, Stephanie Mabey.
LG and I had the privilege of seeing her in concert recently.
I really liked this song.
Weird but catchy.
I dare you to watch this
and try not to find yourself singing
along with the lyrics
"If I were a zombie,
I'd never eat your brain."

Do enjoy some less known Mormon music on me.

I have a thing for the smooth harmony
that only Polynesians can produce.
These Polynesians must be Mormon
because they are singing two of our most beloved hymns.

Here are 21,000 Mormons singing together. Powerful stuff.

Last but not least,
some crazy Mormon missionaries.
Their mothers probably died when watching.
It's a miracle that these 19 year old boys don't all kill themselves.

From the uttermost part of the earth have we heard songs, even glory to the righteous.
Isaiah 24:16.

One really has to think for a moment about the possibility of the Mormon church truly being inspired.
How else could it motivate so many to sing such glorious praises?
And we do it so well.
In my humble opinion.


Vivian said...

Yep there is thing about us Mormons and music! Definitely one of the best thing of living in Utah!

JennyLynn said...

I feel so blessed that my daughters are participating in the choirs at their schools.

It is so wonderful to see so many Mormons sharing their voices and blessing so many lives with their examples.

Danielle Spangler said...

That missionary video is awesome!!!! August and I both loved it!!

Ane said...

The Jets and the Polynesians...I totally agree my faves too...I am biased...just a bit! lol !