Thursday, September 01, 2011

August's Boggle Champions

Thank you to everyone who played along in August.

We really did have a great online version of Boggle.
My readers are so smart and talented.
I am one lucky gal.

I am declaring the winner.


She had the first official 7 letter word:

Although I must say that Cousin Linda,
Brother-in-law Logan,
and TN friend Teresa
were each pretty impressive
with the eight letter words:

Outhouse, openside, and albedoes.

Unfortunately each of their entries
were disqualified by the official rules.

I am declaring you all winners.

E-mail me your addresses and your favorite candy
and wait for a fun surprise package in the mail.

Yeah I am cool like that.
And really there can never
be enough
games or sugar in the world. at gmail

September's game will be up as soon as I think of something.
Any suggestions?

1 comment:

Teresa Johnson said...

Suweet! You're the bombdiggity! :)