Tuesday, August 02, 2011

August's Challenge

Whoever can find the longest word first
in any one of these Boggle boards, wins.
You have to post the word in a comment here.
And make sure you do it first.

Words that can't be entered are:

This is
a blog


Of course why would you want to enter one of those words?
They would never be long enough to win you anything.

My bets are on Jillian
(who kicked my trash a few weeks back
and inspired this blogging game)
or Lindsey
(who in my last 8 years in TN,
beat me at every single shower game)
At a shower once,
Wanda explained it was
because Lindsey lived a righteous life,
and I still have issues because
Lindsey must be more righteous
and does God really help people
win shower games because of their goodness?
I don't think so.

Now, hurry, find yourself some words.
And I am praying for the most un-righteous person to win.
I need validation that God doesn't care
who wins silly shower games.
And that Lindsey is just smarter
and more talented
or better yet, a cheater.
(wink wink)
That would surely make her less righteous!

The prize will be a package of candy mailed to you
because everyone knows you need some candy while playing games.
So, while you leave a comment,
tell me your favorite candy.
And if you can find
the name of your favorite candy
in the boggle board, even better.


Rita said...

Dieensphutoa ~

you didn't say it had to be a REAL word...

(ha! I found the loophole -- I am definitely not very righteous!)

Actually, I have not had enough coffee to participate, but I shall return. With some REAL words...

Nadelie said...

Can I find more than one?

Did you know there are some bathroom words in your first board? ;) he he

JennyLynn said...

Boy that first one is really full of potty words.Whew!

1. Hide

2. How about a spiritual one. "GOD"

3. Stop

My hubby and kiddo's are better at this game than I am.

Have a lovely day!

Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

I haven't played Bogel in so long, I can't remember the rules. Can you use a letter twice? Probably not, but here's my word anyway (using a letter twice)

Slogged (two G's, is that fair?)

My favorite candy: chocolate-covered cinnamon bears from the BYU bookstore

ShEiLa said...


I don't think you can use nouns... am I right.

a weedle is in the urban dictionary... a weedle is connected to Pokémon.


I will keep trying.

ShEiLa said...


The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Well, I did find a bad word in the first one. :) Audits was pretty good to find though! I loooooooove Boggle!

Meagan said...

Using the first one I came up with...
SHINED. I wanted to type it before I forgot it or someone else got it. I'm going to keep looking :)

Heather Matthews said...

I found "Golds" did you plan that?

Meagan said...


Alice Wills Gold said...

Rita, too funny. I was countin on you to come up with something good.

Everyone, didn't even notice potty word. Sorry. But they are your minds. I did go back to find the word though, just as I am sure everyone else will. :)

I am going with the official rules here: http://www.boggle-game.com/rules-boggle.php

You can't use a dice more than once anywhere in the word. So to make a plural word with an S like slices (you would have to have two separate s dice)

That being true, takes Sharlene's seven letter word out. Nice one though. Try again Sharlene. You've obviously got some skill.

Whoever has the first actual 6 letter word so far is the winner unless someone comes up with a seven letter word. Nadelie, I haven't looked to see if there are two e's in the board where you found wedges, but if there is, you will be the winner so far.

If there aren't two e's, I believe Rachel will be the winner so far with audits.

I will have to double check before I officially declare it.

Sheila, both of your entries are out because of duplicate letters.

And maybe Heather deserves a special entry prize for Golds! Nice one.

ShEiLa said...

Are you sure about my duplicate letters? There are 2(b's) and 2(e's) on the Boggle board. Maybe I am reading the rules wrong???

Alice Wills Gold said...

Sorry Sheila. You are so very right. Your words are both admissible, which would make you the winner, with two great six letter words, except that Nadelie's word is also good, which makes her the winner, unless someone comes up with a 7 letter word.

Meagan said...


Meagan said...

And...I give up :)

Alice Wills Gold said...

Oh no Meagan, Sheila had already guessed that and it was 7 letter. So I guess Sheila is the winner unless someone can find an 8 letter word.

Meagan said...

Hahaha! Just kidding...perhaps I should have read all of the comments. Oh, first day back to work hurts my brain!

Linda C said...

I got and eight letter one! Outhouse - using the first board.

Melanie said...

Linda, how did you get "outhouse" I thought the words had to be connecting, like, ship & hide (found in first board)

elesa said...

Too late to win, but I found PONIES on the first board.

Linda C said...

Melanie, you're right...I haven't played since elementary school and I forgot that. Blast!

Logan said...

Rugby anyone? - "openside" in the first board. That probably doesn't count though...

Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

I can't find the word "slabbed" (spelled with the 2 b's anywhere in my hardback dictionary or online. That makes the contest still at 7 letters, right? Not that I've found any 7-letter words. :)

Nadelie said...

Alice, I guess I should have said I made the word with board 2.

ShEiLa said...


slab 1 (slb)
1. A broad, flat, thick piece, as of stone or cheese.
2. An outside piece cut from a log when squaring it for lumber.
3. Baseball The pitcher's rubber.

tr.v. slabbed, slab·bing, slabs
1. To make or shape into slabs or a slab.
2. To cover or pave with slabs.
3. To dress (a log) by cutting slabs.

Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

ShEila, I am so sorry. Honestly, I couldn't find that word anywhere. Maybe my dictionaries are all just too old, like I am. :)

Of course, I know the word slab; just couldn't find the verb of "slabbed." But like I say, I'm old and outdated.

Meagan said...

I saw openside too Logan, but I looked it up in the official boggle dictionary...which sent me to scrabble dictionary and it said it wasn't a word.

Lindsey Rose said...

Okay lets clear this up, I am certainly not more righteous, but I will go to my grave saying I never once cheated at any of those baby showers! :) Is the contest still going? I love you Alice, you really do make me smile!

Alice Wills Gold said...

O.k. here is the deal. I didn't decide which dictionary to use before I posted this and now I feel like if I pick one it wouldn't be fair.

So, this is what I am saying. If you have a word and you can show me an online definition of it (from any source) I will count it.

So far, this makes Sheila the winner. Unless of course Logan finds a definition of openside.

Lindsey, I expect you to find something. :)

Teresa Johnson said...

2nd Board...

Wait for it...


Variant of albedo
albedo definition
noun pl. or
ASTRON. the reflecting power of a planet, satellite, or asteroid, expressed as a ratio of reflected light to the total amount falling on the surface
PHYSICS the degree to which a surface reflects subnuclear particles, esp. neutrons, that strike it: expressed as the ratio of the number of particles that leave the surface in any direction to the number that strike it


Admittingly feeling Un-Righteous now...

Alice Wills Gold said...

Holy crap Teresa.

You are definitely the most righteous pulling that one out. Is there some kind of way to download a board and cheat or something?


This makes you the winner Teresa with one hell of an eight letter word unless of course Logan comes back and shows me an online link for openside which would make him the first 8 letter word finder.

I do have a question though. Is albedoes valid as the e and the d are not connected directly. I just re-read the rules and it says

"all letters in the word must be connected on the Boggle board horizontally, vertically, or diagonally."

Would appreciate opinions on the matter.

Even if the word doesn't count when we get these rules translated, I definitely think you need to win some kind of prize for the smartest word Teresa. It's a good thing I didn't live in TN long enough to have to go up against you at any shower games.

Teresa Johnson said...

It's legit follow me...

Start with the A then go down to the L,
Go to the diagonal B,
Go to the diagonal E,
Go to the diagonal D,
Go to the diagonal O (in the corner),
Right to the E,
Then diagonal to the S...


I couldn't resist especially since you put the whole Un-Righteous comment in there...hehe...

Alice Wills Gold said...

Yeah Teresa I got how you got it, but do you see how you have to go through the L from E to the D. I am not sure if that is legal? I am pretty sure the E and D can't have a di between them. Anyone else with me?

Lindsey Rose said...

I am sorry, I am completely letting you down. I have got nothing. If it doesnt have the letters "doctors office" I am not thinking of them!

Teresa Johnson said...

You've totally confused me now...but it's all good! :)

Alice Wills Gold said...

Teresa, I think all the letters in a word have to be directly attached to the next letter horizontal vertical or diagonal. In Albedoes, all the letters meet that rule except for the e and d, letter 3 and 4. They meet diagonally but they have an L spacer in between. I am not sure if that counts. Does that make better sense?

Alice Wills Gold said...

I am declaring the winner.

It's Sheila with slabbed.

The first official seven letter word.

Outhouse, openside, and albedoes all deserve honorable mentions, but were each disqualified by the official rules.

Wait for my announcement post in a few and Sheila, Linda, Logan, and Teresa will all be happily surprised.