Friday, August 26, 2011

Game Night Treats

August is almost over.
We've had some boggle fun this month.
Thanks to all you smarties.
If you think you've got brains,
make sure you've checked it out.
The game is over on the 31st.

I'm making these treats for game night tonight.

won't mind me using their photo
if I share with you the link.
Easiest treats ever.
And how cute!

What are your favorite easy treats for game night?
Please share your links.


Meagan said...

We love muddy buddies for game night with the kids! We make boneless buffalo chicken dip for game night with the adults which is always a hit!

Renee said...

Look at you Alice, getting your Martha on!

Anonymous said...

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Tonya C. said...

I took the original turtle treats to an AIDS fundraiser bake sale the other day and they were a hit!