Saturday, July 09, 2011

Gardens and Guns, Such a Perfect Combination

Happy Saturday to all my friends, but especially those of you in the South.
I sure do miss you all.

Here is a gem that a friend in Nashville caught on camera at her local Publix.
She is about to move back to California and had to document such a random magazine.

I think it's not totally coincidental.

How did they know that while growing up in Tennessee, one of my husband's favorite pasttimes was shooting crows that were in the garden?

And they made a whole magazine about it.
And there have been multiple issues.
Only in the South.

Hope you all get some weeding done today.
And then pull out your guns for some real fun.

Oh man, I miss my home in the South.
Except for the bugs, and the humidity, and the lack of sidewalks.


ShEiLa said...

Reading this...
reminds me of my Great Waite and my Dad in the backyard at his place in Vegas... shooting birds to save his delectable grapes.

I think they were using pellet guns... can imagine real ones within city limits.

we have a terrible time here in Moapa when dove season starts. Sept 1st. Lot's of wanna be hunters drive out from Vegas looking for a place to hunt. One year a neighbor woke up to the sounds of gunshots in his yard... just so happens that a hunter thought his back porch was perfect for hunting. He could sit in the shade and all... idiots. WE all did have kids at the time... just glad they were sleeping.

I could tell you lots of stories. But I am nof fond of guns.


The P*dunc's said...

We had the pellet gun in our garden yesterday. Paul's going all caddy shack on a gopher thats eaten three of our tomato plants.

Diana W. Windley said...

That is hilarious!

Rita said...

There is really a magazine called Gardens and Guns??? I am too stunned to comment...