Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Guest Post - Catherine

Catherine and Grant are some of our favorite people. Maybe I should say Grant and Catherine are some of our favorite people? Grant wouldn't like being referred to last. He has an ego to feed. Grant happens to be LG's cousin. He is Uncle Dirk's offspring. Therefore, my kinship is as strong as LG's.

For her guest post, Catherine has a cute little story to share. I hope none of you will take it as sacrilegious. You know how we love our Savior Jesus Christ. But when you love Him and teach your children about Him, you are bound to get a few funny stories.

Dakota was playing dress up and comes out with an off the shoulder outfit.
Here is how it goes:
Me: Dakota that's not modest.
 Her: Jesus wear outfits like this. 
Me: He does? 
Her: "Yeah remember the picture where he got cut in the boob??" 
Me: Oh yeah, that's right! and I had to laugh!

And I had to laugh too. That's why I begged Catherine to do this guest post. Aren't you glad I did? Kids say the darndest things.


ShEiLa said...

This was definitely worth a guest posting... I loved it!!!


JennyLynn said...

LOL...out of the mouth of babes! I love how children see things.

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