Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Who's your nut?

I admit it, I am definitely the nut of the family.
My family is mostly nutty with a few sweets,
but somehow I am still the nuttiest
It wasn't until I got married that I realized that not all families are nutty.
I often ask myself how a girl like me married into a family that's just sweet?
They never really had any nuts before I joined.

Oh yeah, except for Uncle Dirk.
I love Uncle Dirk.
His family has made me feel right at home from the very beginning.
My love for the Dirk's nutty Golds was solidified forever
the day I honeymooned in their trailor.

Here is Uncle Dirk.

Oh look, Dirk's family looks so sweet.

Then all HECK broke loose.
At least they let him blow the candle out first.
(We may be nutty, but at least we're sober.)
It's no wonder that Catherine fits right in the nutty family too.
Look at the joy on her face as she smears her brother in law.
Take that Grant.
Not so fast Jarrett.
Oh yeah. You forgot I have the headlock.
And you must have forgot my black belt in cake karate.
But look whose laughing.
They still love each other.
that's what nutty families do best.


Klin said...

I would be the family nut unless we are talking about my family of origin and then it would be my mom. We say that cause we love to eat all kinds of . . . . how do I say this without giving the wrong impression. . . . well, here goes. . . . nuts. Like almonds are my mom's favorite and I like pecans and hazelnuts, but almonds are at the tip, too.

Of course my kids are nuts, too. It's pretty much genetic.

ShEiLa said...

I am sure that the family I came from... more nuts than sweet. There is never a dull moment.

We just don't get together much since our Mommy passed away... sad but true.

I love the photos you shared... they are totally disFUNctional...and that is what being a family is all about.


Lori said...

Oh that looks like fun!

tiki_lady said...

I love it! but I was a bit sad because my second absolute love is cake! I hope there was another one.

I'm a nut and so is my husband. and we come from a bunch of fruit cakes! LOL

Kim said...

I love Uncle Dirk, too. And just so you know, there are other nuts in the family--we just live 3,000 miles or so away:).

Renee said...

I would LOVE to be laid back enough to enjoy that food fight, but even the pictures, while hilarious, are giving me anxiety. I'm not the "fun" nutty type, I'm the "bless her heart" nutty type meaning, "bless her heart, she's a little stress case, huh."

Bunch of Brooks' said...

What a fun post. It was great to see all those nuts in the family...they're great to hang out with!!

Lindsey Rose said...

HOw funny! I love that laid back feeling too. You are a nut, but a good one. It wouldnt be fun if everyone was just sweet, where would the excitement be??

Yo Mama said...

I just wanted to tell you that LG and Noah should hang out and nap together. The man is such a napper! I could totally invision us with him asleep on the floor and me typing and waiting for the bread to rise. Is this what we will look like in 5 years???? It doesn't seem too bad. P.S. congrats on your new sweet baby. I'll make one more, which I'm sure will be a boy, and we can trade. :)

Devri said...

Pretty much me! lol

hugs to you.

Alice Faye said...
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Alice Faye said...

The funny thing about the cake episode was when someone said, "Now all the kids are depressed because there is no cake for them." That was funny!!

Unknown said...

Oh I missed one of the best parts of the story. Afterwards all 20 kids were staring with bug eyes...on the verge of tears. They thought it was crazy and fun and were laughing, but they then had the realization that they weren't going to get to eat the cake.

It didn't take much to get them over it...we just said, "O.k. kids, get the crumbs and throw them at Grant for wasting your cake." They loved it.

Mia said...

I would have cried with the kids over the lost cake :)

Chelsea said...

Can I plead the 5th on who the nuts in my family are? ha!

Cati said...

Oh Ali this post makes me laugh. I did have fun getting a hand full of cake on Jarrett's face... then notice I was gone in a flash, I kind of wanted no part of the after math mess... great pictures..

Katina Angola said...

There aren't any nuts in the Burris family.....strike that... I think we are all nuts.

Anonymous said...
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Yvonne said...

All sorts of nuts in our family.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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almostgotit said...

Tee hee! All families are nutty, that's one thing I can say for SURE. What you want is just to avoid the kind of nuts that when you crunch down on them, they crack your teeth and cost you a whole lot of money in therapy, er, I mean dental bills. Ya know?