Monday, May 30, 2011

My Little Monsters

Artistic Caroline presented by LG's smartphone. Such a perfect depiction of her almost 2 year old attitude.
Sophia has been really sick.
And this mom has been really worried.
She didn't have enough strength 
and was in too much pain 
and couldn't go to school all last week.

They say she just has two really bad ear infections.
But I am not sure if that is right.
This girl has had A LOT of ear infections.
2 bouts of Swimmer's ear.
Three sets of PE tubes.
And she has never been like this.
Her lymph nodes were huge on Friday night.
Visibly huge.

I also think she has a little whiplash from her cheer-leading class a few weeks ago.
Thankfully she looks a lot better today.
I am keeping my fingers crossed.
And praying more than crossing my fingers.
Especially since she just said her ear is hurting.
She already had one round of zithromax
and 3 shots of rocephin.

Sophia hasn't been sleeping as much as she should. 
Her eyes were really really red and bloodshot yesterday.
Despite her lethargy, she was dying to go to church to be the reverence child.
(I looked for a link to an explanation for a reverent child, but I couldn't find any -
a reverence child is the lucky kid who gets to stand in the front of the LDS sacrament meeting -
they stand with their arms folded and act as an example for the adults to remember reverence.)
Another side note: there is nothing like an assignment to be 10 minutes early for church to make a family 2 minutes late for church. We have been early for the past 6 weeks. Sorry Sophia.
After Sophia got dressed all pretty for church, Abigail voiced her observation:
"Look mom, Sophia looks like Rosalie (from Twilight).
Abigail was right. Sophia looked like she needed some blood bad. And fast!

Now I have two vampire children.
Just what I always wanted.

Thanks to all of our fallen soldiers who made it possible for me to raise a bunch of monsters.
We live in a wondrous country, despite the politicians.


Rita said...

Oh no, poor Sophia -- I hope she is okay! My goodness that sounds scary. Tell her we love her and send tons of healing hugs.

Anonymous said...

Hope Sophia is okay. We will be praying for her. Please keep us posted. Love you guys!


ShEiLa said...

Sounds like life is... normal at your house. Sick kids and being late for church... I just hope it all levels out and that everyone... esp. Sophia is ok and gets back to her usual self.


Holly said...

Alice--my brother Scott is an ENT in Orem. He's really good. You should look him up.