Friday, March 18, 2011

Speak up Sophia.

Sophia is our quiet child. She is our low maintenance child. I am always worried that I am not giving her enough attention because to be quite honest, in a crazy house like mine, she is a breathe of fresh air. She is so easy to raise. I would never make the mistake of calling her perfect because nobody is perfect, but as far as being her mom, she is really really easy. She doesn't require much but some food and water. Heck, she is lower maintenance than our dog. She is definitely quieter than our dog. She rarely barks. She noticed her picture and came over to read what I was writing. She says, "I do not bark."

Well, I've blogged before about a big oops with Sophia. These slip ups seem to be happening more regularly. Just the other day I found myself at Walgreen's purchasing lemon heads and chocolate ice-cream to say I was sorry for missing her school program. My husband was having a crisis and his brother stopped in on his way through town to say good-bye before we moved. With all the drama, I totally spaced that I was supposed to go to her day program to make up for the night before when I was at Abigail's school program that took place at the exact same time. I don't know how single moms do it; my hubby and I have to divide and conquer all too often. Well, I cried to Sophia, apologized profusely, promised to watch the video, and cautioned her that she may as well learn now that nobody is perfect and she is gonna be let down. I told her that there was only one person that would never let her down. And she said that she knew that. I said, "Well, who then?" She replied, "Jesus Christ." Very good. I am not totally failing as a parent.

Unless you count what happened at church couple of weeks back. Sophia was assigned to give a talk to the other kids. I totally forgot. In my defense, I told Sophia on Saturday to remind me that evening and she forgot too. On the way to church on Sunday morning, I told Sophia we would just tell her leaders that we forgot or the other option was for Sophia to find a scripture to share during the first hour and just give a brief testimonial about it. Well guess what? In between the drive to church and the hour after the first meeting got out, I forgot again.

So, you can imagine my surprise when Sophia comes up to me after the three hours of church and tells me she was so embarrassed for her talk. Hard slapped open face palm to forehead kind of moment. And then I may as well have slapped myself across the face too for being such an awful mom. I apologized and asked her what she did. She said she just got up and talked and that Daddy had come to watch. What? Why didn't daddy rescue her? They didn't come and get me because I was teaching the women's class, but they did go and fetch LG from the man's class. He, of course, had no idea about all of the above on-goings and walked into the Primary room figuring that I had taken care of it.

As we talked about it on the way home from church, LG was a doting father. He said that she pulled it off rather well. She pretty much just rambled about how she knows the Bible to be the true word of God. (I would say that has to count for something that she even knew on her own to talk about such a serious topic). LG then went on: She then clammed up and got quiet. She turned her head to the side and whispered to the Primary leader, "I am so embarrassed." The kids heard. They chuckled. It lightened the moment, and she was able to finish it out.

Sophia had succeeded in filling her alloted time. LG was proud. The primary children had been entertained. The primary leader had been fooled into thinking that Sophia was overcome by the Spirit of God, but just for a second until Sophia proclaimed her embarrassment. I was left once again hoping to improve as a mother, but overall I count it a success. Mostly because our whole family laughed consistently for an hour after church while Sophia retold the experience over and over again.

I am pretty sure that the next time she has a talk, she won't forget to remind me to help her. Or and this is a big OR the next time Sophia will tell her Primary President she dropped the ball OR the girl is gonna get pretty good at winging it. It's not like we haven't given her plenty of opportunity for practice.


Renee said...

I do this all the time too. I don't think any of us who have more than the 2.5 average children could possibly keep up with everything! Sophia sounds like a doll!!!

Lori said...

Winging it is a valuable skill, that will get her far in life. I forget kids' stuff all the time. Last Saturday I forgot about a birthday party that Lydia had been invited to. She hasn't remembered it yet either, so I'm not going to mention it.

Rita said...

I've decided there is no way humanly possibly to keep up with everything we as moms have to do and want to do. You have an amazing amount on your plate -- and you have four children.

I love Sophia -- she is a wonderful girl and I am not the least bit surprised she pulled off her lesson with little preparation. You've raised some pretty special young ladies!

Rita said...

oops -- possible -- not possibly --

ShEiLa said...

It is really hard being a kid... and even tougher being a parent.

I think Miss Sophia is a cutie-pie!
I bet she never barks... *Ü*


Lori said...

Winging it is a valuable skill, that will get her far in life. I forget kids' stuff all the time. Last Saturday I forgot about a birthday party that Lydia had been invited to. She hasn't remembered it yet either, so I'm not going to mention it.