Saturday, August 14, 2010


Look, Sophia got baptized.
We are so proud of her decision to take upon the name of Christ.
And, she is gorgeous.
Can you believe she picked this dress
at the thrift store for $3.
She HAD to have it.
It's so Sophia.

"When was the big day", you ask?
"In October 2009, on her 8th birthday."
Oh, it's August 2010; I must be late posting.

No, I just took this picture 2 weeks ago.
Because I realized that I had forgot.

Lucky for me, Sophia is really easy going.
And she can't be mad at me for forgetting.
Because she covenanted to be Christ-like.

I wonder how long it will take for me to
remember child #3's baptism picture?

Have I ever told you that mothers lose
brain cells with every pregnancy?
I am pretty sure that this old wives' tale is true

(I have to say that my stone house makes a perfect backdrop.)

It's too bad that Caroline was only 4 months old back then.
I may have gotten away with it.


Rita said...

Your girls are so beautiful -- love these photos and love the dress Sophia picked out.

Brain cells are most definitely depleted with each child's birth. I have no doubt in my mind (what's left of it!).

Renee said...

You're hiliarious Alice and your girls are just beautiful. I love the dress Sophia picked out!Thrift stores rock.

Lori said...

That's awesome. Better late than never? At least the dress still fits her.

stacey said...

missed you today

One Happy Family said...

So pretty! I love Bella's tats. LOL!

ShEiLa said...

I think the dress is beautiful and I am so glad you decided to take the photo even though it was late.

I love looking at all your girls. It takes me back to the day when I was one of seven... you just gotta love sisters.