Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Lesson With a Flair

Abigail has been making dinner on Sunday nights.
I got really stressed about her learning to cook before she goes to college.
I am not sure why since that is at least 7 years away,
but it's all good since it gets me out of dinner duty on Sunday.

Abigail loves to search the cookbooks for something.
She is completely opposite from me.
I like to cook the same thing over and over again
so I don't have to refer to a recipe.

Anyway, last Sunday, Abigail found a recipe for
Chicken Catchatore. Or however you spell that.
I have never made it before, how would I know.

We decided to tweak the recipe a bit
because we don't shop on Sunday
and we didn't have all the required ingredients.

However we did have ginger.
Abigail wanted to add it.
LG kept saying to add more.
I told him that ginger is really strong
but he wanted more.
We ended up chopping and sauteeing
what Abigail calls
a whole leg of ginger.
About an eighth of a cup.
We fried it up with garlic and onion
and the diced tomatoes
and added some spinach
and then added the leftover Thanksgiving turkey.

And Abigail declared proudly to her sisters
that we would be eating
turkey catchatore with a flair.
I said, "One big flair of ginger,"
as I secretly added some brown sugar and milk
to lighten up the overwhelming ginger.

Abigail and Bella then got into it
about what kind of noodles were being served.
Abigail assured Bella that they were linguine.
Bella argued back, like she had some kind of authority in the matter
knowing full well that Abigail was
the one to fetch the noodles from the box.

Before I knew it, Abigail and Bella were having it out
about noodles.

I then hollered,
"Fine, you are both right
the noodles are NOT linguine,
from now on in our house
they will be called:
'Love one Another, who gives a crap what kind of noodles they are' ".

End of story.

As we ate Bella says,
"So we are having
Turkey Ginger Catchatore over 'Love One Another, who gives a crap kind of noodles they are."

And Sophia in typical Sophia fashion.
Always with perfect timing
and always keeping the peace
says "with a flair."

So from now on, our noodles will remain nameless
(don't they all taste the same anyway)
and anything that has ginger in it
will be with a flair.

And I call that one productive Sabbath.


jordan said...

AH, I love those noodles, They are my Favorite...I never cook with Ginger, only Meagan. But I cannot get enough garlic!!!

Holly said...

Hilarious! Thanks for the perfect bedtime laugh!

Lori said...

I love this story. You're girls are so smart and competent and funny! (You too)

Brady said...

I suppose the next project is to make "with a flair"-bread cookies and houses to decorate for Christmas.

Lovable Lies Family said...

So, I'm laughing and crying while I read this, because I just LOVE your family! You guys are hilarious! What a sweet story...thanks for sharing!

Meagan said...

I started out reading this being jealous that you have a kid that cooks one meal a week. Then when I was done reading it, I realized I was more jealous that you have such a hilarious family.

katie b said...

Laughing like crazy!!! Joseph likes to cook and bake too. Can you believe they are almost in Jr. High?! Anywho, I'm glad you say crap too. It's my favorite 'cuss' word. Just ask the 2 year old, he knows!

Becca McCombs said...

Okay, Sophia's comment at the end kills me! That's so funny! Your family sounds like something that should be out of a Jane Austen novel with all of the quick wit! That's hilarious