Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Baby Announcement

Caroline is gorgeous.
All my girls are gorgeous.

I think I may be done having children.
I am not sad.
If I had to be done at some point,
I am glad to make this sweet girl the baby in the family.

She is so perfect.
But I am not.
And I am tired.
And old.
And I am afraid if I have any more
they will be completely neglected.

Every time I turn around,
this baby is into something.
She climbs.
She climbs.
And climbs.
She thinks her spot in the family
is sitting in the exact center
of the kitchen table.
She will find a way to get there,
no matter how many chairs I overturn.
And no matter how many times
I tell her no.

She finds electronic gadgets
and tries to drop them as many times
as she can
before she is caught.
She has broken
2 cameras,
1 laptop,
and a remote control
is lost forever.
Probably in the garbage.

She is constantly dirty
because her mother is lackadaisical.
It's a good thing
that babies
with food on their faces
are so cute.

The girl will find
that is not to be found.

We have nailpolish on our wood floors.
We have markers on walls.
We have ripped homework.
We have chocolate stains.
And missing shoes.
And not a single chapstick
that hasn't been eaten.
When the fridge is open
and she is standing by
she goes straight for the tobasco.
Go figure.
She likes to suck the bottle.

I better not have any more children
or they may be taken away
by the authorities.

Oh how I love this child.
She is perfect.
Perfectly energetic.
She is a rambunctious dancer.
She loves to dance.
She loves to sing.
She loves to try and repeat
anything we tell her.

She calls everything and everyone
Because she has a picture of Jesus
above her changing table
and we practice his name
every change.
She can also say stinky ka ka
very well.

She hates bugs.
Freaks out at bugs.
She is a loud child.
She screams like nobody's business.

She loves our dog and cat.
She LOVES her sisters.
She loves books.
She will open any book she can find
and read it to you.
It's amazing how many books
are about Jesus.

She is strong.
She can throw a tantrum
that scares her father
who is 285 pounds.

She has the most amazing
attention to detail.
She is always watching
She thinks every cell phone
on the earth
belongs to her.
To do with as she pleases.
It's like she has a cell phone detector.
If she is in the same room,
the same house,
the same car,
or the same soccer field,
and you pull out a phone,
she will be there for the grab.

She always wants to play on the computer.
I really think she is trying to program.
No joke.
She has the mouse down.
And the keyboard.
She knows how to open and close windows.

Did I tell you that she is only
16 months old?

I love this child.
I love her
differently than my other kids.
I think it's because
she is the baby
in the family.
Or maybe it's because I am
almost 40.

Did I mention how
tired I am?
And old?


ShEiLa said...

I am giggling hysterically... and extra thankful that after four [4] kids I had a hysterectomy at the age of twenty-seven [27]. I feel old too and I am way older than you. (almost forty-eight [48])

Thanks for always being totally open and honest.

I love you Alice!!!!


michelle morse said...

I love this Alice. :)

Jeremy Floyd said...

I think God sends a baby to kick your butt and that's a sign that it's time to call it quits. Did I mention that I'm old too?

Lori said...

Sweet Caroline. I've often heard that the baby of the family is the most perfect.

Rita said...

She IS perfect -- and sweet -- and beautiful -- and full of joy. She has the best smile -- it always makes me happy when I see her cute little face!

You are not old -- but I am sure you are tired! Motherhood (and life in general) will do that to us!

There is definitely something about the youngest child -- they like to keep us on our toes. Or maybe we just feel that way because we are not as good at keeping up as we used to be. Either way, there is never a dull moment.

Love you and all your babies!

Alice Faye said...

Oh how I love this little baby. Are you sure you don't want to have 2 or 3 more?

Renee said...

Oh my goodness, I so hear ya!!! My last baby was for sure a sign from heaven, please stop Renee.... and stinky ka ka is my favorite btw.

Anonymous said...

I love you, Ali! You have such a wonderful way with words. I admire that about you - among many other things.


Lovable Lies Family said...

Do you really think you done? You're a great mom and you've made great kids. Not only are they cute, but so well mannered, and just plain pleasant to be around. Not all kids are like that, in case you haven't noticed.

Dorry Floyd said...

Our baby is amazing. I think she and Caroline were trained together.If I didn't love to give birth so much I would be 100% sure.

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful Alice!

Annalisa said...

I found myself nodding and smiling through this whole post. What does it mean if God sends you the climbing/remote hiding/phone grabbing/wear-you-out "baby of the family" first instead of last? Quit while you're ahead? I feel so tired too.