Thursday, September 16, 2010

Band Blues

Abigail surprised us by bringing home her french horn yesterday.

She said the band teacher made everyone take their instruments home.

She hasn't been going in early to practice
because she says that they have only learned three notes
and she already has them down.

She took out the instrument to demonstrate.

I said, "What notes were those?"

She said, "Mom, that was one note."

LeGrand and I busted up.
We couldn't help it.

And then LeGrand said,
"Alice, maybe you should go down to the school
to see about switching Abigail over to just choir
instead of the choir/band combination."

Abigail smacked him.

And her and I proceeded to the piano to practice some more.

It's about time the kid has some humbling experiences.

Between band and never-ending homework,
I think she's finally being challenged.
We are happy.

And still chuckling
"which notes were those?"


Marilyn said...

What a great picture of Abigail. Good luck in band--sounds like great adventure. You've got some great posts. It's been fun to catch up on your life. Sorry about the bugs. I have been battling ants for years--have finally just decided to live in harmony.

ShEiLa said...

That is a funny story!

Does LG have a gun? I bet you guys are going to have boys from miles around trying to date her... holy cow she is beautiful! I love that photo.


Lori said...

That's cracking me up too. Oh how I hated band.

necturina said...

I played the French Horn too. It is very challenging to play it in tune. My mom got me an automatic tuner. I think that might have been a hint. I hope she keeps it up, and everyone in the house gets a comfy set of ear muffs :)

nicole m. said...

She is so beautiful. You guys are in for some trouble when she gets older.

One Happy Family said...

Love reading your blog.

Rita said...

LOL! That is so funny!

Ryan told me the other day the other saxophone players were making him look bad because they kept "honking" when they played. LOL I was skeptical of course, seeing as he also has not brought his sax home too much and I KNOW he is not practicing like he should be. He brought it home this week (the same night Abigail had her french horn) and let me tell you -- there were PLENTY of goose-like honking noises coming out of that thing as he practiced!

A side note -- I told LG the other day our kids need a valet to travel with them at school! When Ry and Abigail came out carrying their two-ton backpacks PLUS their huge instruments I thought "Good grief --those poor children are like pack horses!"