Saturday, July 03, 2010


Something I love about photography is that
it forces you to live in the moment.

So many NOW moments are lost without being appreciated.

People may get too busy running around,
or worrying about building up that stash of honey.

Or if they are really bad off,
they want to control everything.

I just like to be in the state of being.
As much as possible.

And unlike a lot of people,
I have to work at it.
So it helps to have something to distract me
from worrying, or controlling, or running around crazy.

When I look through the camera lens,
I can truly focus.
And let the other stuff just be in its state of being.

And it feels good to accomplish something.
Like a beautiful picture,
especially while all I was doing was "being".

And I love that when I get back to craziness,
I have snapshots to remind me
to just "be".

Who wants to give me some photography lessons?
I think I have some untapped potential.


ShEiLa said...

I love it Alice. It is beautiful!

I also agree with photography forcing you to live in the moment. YOU have to slow down and notice things around you that would otherwise go un-noticed.

Clicking away with my camera gives me a sense of peace and a greater appreciation for all of the beauty around me.

As for the lessons...
I can't give them but I would join you in a few.


Rita said...

I love this photo -- it's gorgeous! It may sound strange, but when I capture a photo like this one, it makes me feel peaceful. It is a good reminder that there is a lot of beauty and goodness in this world -- most of the time we are reminded of the ugliness.

Maybe I can hook you up with some photography lessons from Ryan (hee hee...).

I need to learn to enjoy the "moments" again...I don't do it as much as I used to at all.

Anonymous said...

I saw this beautiful spider web that was resting over the water today and was absolutetly caught up in it. However the photo didnt come out half as pretty as it was. Still I get what you mean by being in the moment. I believe with all my heart that is the place where one meets with the maker. BTW love the photo.