Friday, July 02, 2010

Give Me Four

Sophia is hilarious.
We've already established this.

The other day as we were going through papers in the attic,
we came across the seatbelt that was diamond sawed from her middle finger.

Have I mentioned the girl is our most clutzy?
Yes, she got a seatbelt stuck around her finger like a ring.

The girls were talking about how lucky she was
because they didn't saw her finger off.

Sophia then held up her hand while bending down her middle finger.
And she said,
"I know, I am really lucky,
if they would have cut my middle finger off,
the rest of my life,
I would have to say,
give me four."

Then my older less innocent daughter added:
"And you wouldn't be able to flip anybody off either."

I don't think that would have been a problem.
Sophia is not just hilarious, but 100% kind and loving.
She wouldn't flip off a bird.
And, yes, that is my best attempt at a pun.
And the reason, I am so impressed with
Sophia's witty humor.
She gets that from her dad's side of the family.


Anonymous said...

Hilarious! You have such a funny family. Thanks for sharing! We love you guys!

ShEiLa said...

Now this true story is set-up in ultimate 'I'm So Funny' style.

I can't believe that happened... actually yes I can.

Sophia... give me 5!


Klin said...

I'll be keeping my fingers out of the set belt thingy. Lucky girl. And cute, too.

Rita said...

How exactly does one get a seatbelt that stuck on their finger?!?! Wait -- never mind -- I have children -- I know these things are a gift they have.

I love your girls! (And I love the new look of your blog by the way!)

Alice Faye said...

Laughed out loud once again. The funniest thing about Sophia is that you just don't expect the things that she comes up with sometimes. That's what makes it so funny.