Saturday, July 17, 2010


For the past two years,
LeGrand has been running his own law practice.

It is a two years that I would
NEVER want to live over again.

LeGrand has done a great job.
His practice has been successful.
He really did amazing things.
He's accomplished a lot of his goals.
And he has gotten to know himself
more than ever before.

I bet he has been significantly more successful
than most people who start a practice
right out of school.
But it's all because of God's grace.
And it does no good for anyone
to compare themselves to others.
Better than monetary success,
LG has helped a lot of people.
And that makes LeGrand
really happy and proud.

He could keep going,
and we would only get richer.
But, life isn't about riches all the time.
Sometimes it's about having some vacation time.
I can't wait for the day that LG clocks out
and leaves work at work.
I want to be the wife that looks forward to
that summer vacation.
Instead of feeling guilty for asking the man
to take a day off of work.

I couldn't be happier,
that it's time for the next adventure.
Because the stress that LG has carried around,
has about killed his wife.
And I am pretty tough.

Thanks be to God
for letting us know
that we can finally move on
from our second two year mission.
Or maybe it's our third mission.
The first being our literal church missions.
(Where we met by the way)
The second being having all of our children
while finishing college.
And the third being the law practice.
I wonder what the 4th will be?

Here's to NOT minding your own business.
And going back to working for the man.
I know that LeGrand will find the perfect job.
People would be stupid not to hire him.
He's a genius.

What does this have to do with church anyway?


ShEiLa said...

You sound confident in your decision and that makes me so happy for the both of you.


Renee said...

The very best to your family and I would LOVE to hear more about your meeting your husband on your missions! Awesome!!!

Lovable Lies Family said...

You guys are amazing! I'm sure you've learned a lot about YOU in this whole thing as well. Everything will work out, because you are two of the most devoted, giving people I have ever been so lucky to know! Love you guys.

mother goose said...

what strength. Good luck in your next endeavors. God, Family and all else will fall in place.