Sunday, July 18, 2010


Guess what?
We all screw up.
It's a fact of life.
The good news is that we can always improve.
We can change.

We fall down.
I've learned the hard way
that we shouldn't focus on the fall.
But, getting back up.

I recently read this quote by

"No one who cannot rejoice in the discovery
of his own mistakes deserves to be called a scholar."

At church a while back,
my friend Brenda taught me something profound.

I was lamenting about how
I always have so much self improvement to make.
It gets overwhelming.

She said,
"That shouldn't make you sad or discouraged.
You should be encouraged.
Because the fact that you know
what to improve upon
means that you are
in tune with the voice of God.
He is talking to you.
And you are hearing it."

How wise.

My favorite quote last week:

"The best way to make
permanent change for good
is to make Jesus Christ
your model
and His teachings
your guide for your life." ~ Scott

I wrote it on a piece of construction paper.
And tacked it above my computer.

Funny, LG walked by as I tacked.
He questioned,
"Is that for me?"

"No, it's for me, silly."

We all need to change.
Embrace it.


ShEiLa said...

I loved this post and I agree.

Have a great day dear friend.


Kim said...

I think we can all improve upon ourselves but I think it's also important that we love and accept ourselves as we are today. But even doing that can require some change of heart:).

Jenny said...

Self improvement never ends. I think loving our selves as we are is more challenging than self improvement.

Katina Angola said...

Great quotes!

tiki_lady said...

love these quotes.

Rita said...

I think I will tack that quote up at my house too -- it's a good one for everyone under my roof!