Friday, November 13, 2009

Knock Knock

Knock Knock.

Who's there?


Nobody who?


The other day, the girls and I got some good laughs while telling & retelling this oldie but goodie.

The reason for this post is to admit I have been missing in action.
I would like to explain.
I have never claimed to be a real blogger,
but sometimes I feel bad for disappointing those
who like to read "unreal" blogs.
To you three people who found me in my other cyber FB world, I am truly sorry for my absence.
I just have a hard time getting the creative juices flowing when I am sleep deprived and busy eating rocky road ice-cream to deal with the stress that is always present in my mind while dealing with a crying infant.
I am also sorry to all of you who have felt the pinch in numbers while I haven't been reading my blogroll either. I hope to be back soon.
Just as soon as I find myself on the other side of the knock knock joke.


ShEiLa said...


Thank YOU~

in case you missed what I said...
on my real blog.

I have been missing you.

Thank you. thank you. thank you.


Jenny said...

I have missed you, but understand why your missing. Just to update you a little bit....I moved my blog here. Just in case you get a moment and want to see what I am up to.

Lori said...

Take your time. We'll keep waiting. :)

Shannon said...

Our lives won't be as funny while we wait. But babies come first!

Liam's Mom said...

You are missed! If you could just post baby pictures, that is really what we want. Save all the writing for when you get a full night's rest in 3 years.

HUGS to you!

Renee said...

That's a funny post.

You are missed, but not for your help with numbers, but because you're so dang funny! No worries though, a new mom gets at least a year off from EVERYTHING. Yes, everything and I mean that. I never judge the sleep deprived, "out of it" moms, but I do wonder about the moms who bounce back in a week, baby on hip, not missing a beat. Jealous?... maybe, but I still think it's weird.

Devri said...

I have missed you too!

but life gets well... life.. come back when you are ready, I am not bloggin much lately either!