Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Uranus and UP

Here is Abigail trying to make Caroline smile.

I know I've blessed my children's lives eternally by gifting them my sense of humor. I know they are happy about it. I know because I hear their laughter on a consistent basis.

I am not so sure that their posterity will be so grateful, but if my theory that laughter is genetic is true, then I am sure they will be.

This evening, I pulled out one of Abigail's graded papers from her backpack.

As I read, my funny bone was struck like a beautiful chord.

I had to call LG at work to beam with pride.

Me: "LG, you gotta listen to this."

LG: After my third attempt "Alice, I can't understand a word you are saying, you gotta quit laughing."

Me: "Abigail brought this paper home. She turned it in this way. I can't stop laughing. At the top it is entitled Uranus. (oh c'mon, tell me some of you immature types are already laughing - LG was still silent) It then reads. 'The planet I was assigned was Uranus, now, don't laugh, Uranus actually has some interesting facts.'"

LG: "Alice, it's not funny, she is just saying it is an interesting planet." (Yeah, of course he would think that. She gets the scientific side from him)

I was out to prove that she gets a little DNA from me too. I hollered out to Abigail. "Why did you say not to laugh in this paper Abigail. Was it because it's a small planet?

Abigail: trying to be serious "No, mom, it's just because the name sounds funny."

Me: "Why does it sound funny Abigail. I know you are too smart for that. Do you know what an anus is?"

LG on the other line is denying that she would know any such thing. At which point Abigail busts out in laughter. "Yeah, mom, an anus is the hole in your bum."

That's my girl!

The conversation finished by me using every ounce of self control to stop laughing and discussing LG's further plans for the evening. He said, "If basketball is lame, maybe I will stop by Redbox on the way home."

Me: "Yeah, that would be fun. Instead of Redbox, we could just watch U - P (spelling out the name of the movie so the kids wouldn't catch on to a future Christmas gift.)

LG responds to my fits of laughter with, "What are you talking about Alice?" I reply while trying to breathe instead of laugh, "I said we could watch YOU PEE." LG was still clueless. I had to explain that I was spelling the movie title at which point he gave me a sad sounding chuckle.

C'mon people. Tell me you laughed.


Anonymous said...

I laughed alot!! missy

Anonymous said...

still laughing! missy

ShEiLa said...

I have a good guess who anonymous is.

freakin hilarious. It is your sense of humor that captured me as a forever blog reader... no matter how long in between posts. Also I need you to add me back as a fb friend... I have no idea what happened but a lost a bunch of friends was fb was having problems one night.

Last year Tony & I were out Christmas shopping. WE were in Henderson by the Galleria Mall. WE were having trouble finding what we needed... I looked up and said... hey hun. YOU wanna go look at dicks? That is what he heard cause that is how I said it... but I meant Dick's Sporting Goods.

ta-da. I am funny too.


Alice Faye said...

You girls are "SO FUNNY!" I laughed out loud too.

Lori said...

I love the matter-of-factness of "now, don't laugh..."
"We could watch you pee." made me grin all day.

The Wills Family! said...

I actually laughed out loud! Kids know a lot more than we think they know ;)

Renee said...

Uranus is my favorite too.

Devri said...

STill laughing lol I love reading your posts... keep em' up girl!

Jenny said...

I laughed a lot!

Laura said...

i got the uranus joke immediately...i'm with ya!

Lindsey Rose said...

I was laughing so hard! That cracks me up! Abigail has always been a smarty! That really is funny, I needed a good laugh!

necturina said...

I laughed until I stopped!

nette said...

you had me at "uranus"
and I laughed til I cried!