Thursday, November 19, 2009

The future is Glee

I hope my Bishop won't find out this admission.

I love Glee!

Yes, it is inappropriate.

Teenage pregnancy & homosexuality all over the place.

I might as well throw it all out there.
I will also admit that I let my kids watch Glee on occasion.

And yes I am a horrible mother because guess what? They all love it as much as I do.

There are few things that we love more than humor and music around here.
We all live a life of music and humor. We live our own little whacked out musical.

I want you all to know that I try to be a good mom. Tonight, I at least started the show with the disclaimer to the children that they could watch Glee as long as they understood that it is wrong to have sex out of wedlock and it's morally wrong to be gay.

Sidenote: I love you gay people, but I won't budge on the correctness of the gospel principles. You gotta live the commandments. I was born as a bitty and it is not o.k. for me to go through life lashing out at people justifying it's OK for me to hurt everyone around me because I was born that way. - Oh man, I can see the comments a flowing - can't wait for this ball to roll. Being gay is not wrong because it hurts people, it's wrong because God said so. Period.
And go ahead hang me. I just admitted that I love Glee and I am a good Mormon girl therefore I am the worst kind of hypocrite. And I am sure some of you will say that I am also a homophobe....not true...those of you that really know me, know that I am a lover of the gays. Go ahead tell me how horrible I am. You can't tell me anything that I haven't heard before.

If God ever declares the Bible incorrect and that Sodom and Gomorrah (however you spell that) was really Zion, I will be the first in line to embrace all my gay friends and family members. (Not that I don't embrace them now, I will really embrace them with happiness that they can be gay and righteous.)

And for now when Jesus comes again I will stand with him on the issue...Well, I will try to stand with him, I will probably have to give up the Glee if I ever want that to happen. Not quite ready for that yet.

Well, on with my post.

Last night, the girls were up late finishing homework. I snuck in the other room to watch Glee. I figured out that I have to wait a whole day before it gets posted online and I didn't want to wait. LG was handling homework duty just fine. Last night was the first night I went to watch Glee on TV. I have been watching Glee on Hulu. Cool site. You can watch any tv show on it with very few commercials. It's like an online Tivo for the poor. You gotta wait 24 hours though.

I never watch TV. Really. With facebook, a blog, and trying to figure out how to work twitter, whose got the time? Until last night, I had only indulged in my Glee habit after school with the girls. Around here, Glee is like a way liberal updated version of an after school special. We justify it's viewing because we use it as a teaching tool. Well, last night, Abigail came out to see what I could possibly be doing. She was surprised to find me in front of the TV.

She pined for Glee and whined for her chance to watch it NOW. I told her "later!" She slowly moped back to the kitchen table for homework. She turned to LeGrand and said, "Hey Dad, did you know that Glee comes on TV?"

We're living the Jetsons people. Welcome to the future.


Donna said...

Scandal.....I love it too. But I can do that. I'm living in a 'blue' state.

ShEiLa said...

I can honestly say that although I have heard of Glee I have not watched it yet... although that does not mean that I would not watch it.

re: sidenote
I love all people no matter what they practice or have fun doing in the bedroom. However, I do question religious practices and the whole 'gays need to be fixed' theory. I am seriously thinking that some people are born gay and the test is to see whether or not Christians have the ability to demonstrate Christlike love without judgement.

There is a little black cloud that hangs over the LDS church. WE did not allow African Americans the priesthood until 1978. The in humane treatment of people with black skin was accepted politically in this country for a very long time. Then when the laws changed... guess what? So did the church. So I will wait and watch.


Cati said...

Haven't watched glee.. sounds like I am not missing much.

gays are fighting the wrong fight for sure. my opinion is "marriage" is a church matter and the state should have no involvement in it.

However the state should allow brothers, or a father and son, or best friends, or Gays, to have a license of "Civil Partnership" in which they can file taxes together, or have health insurance, or have hospital rights, and basically take care of each other.
would you be opposed if the state approved a Civil Partnership license?
Because you know if the state should OK marriage for Gays and then a gay couple comes to the church and says we want to be married in the church/temple and the church says no, I am more than certain that they will be sued for discrimination.

But if they have a CPL and they want to get married in the temple all they have to do is make their own gay church with a temple and whalla...
Oh boy... this definitely needs to be discussed no on the limited space of a blog comment box.

hope that makes sense

Cati said...

I forgot to mention, state should allow a man and a woman, brothers, father and son, etc Civil Partnership license.

Kim said...

I don't judge gay people or their behaviors because I just absolutely can't imagine how difficult it would be to not act on such deeply engrained feelings. I'm sure there are lots of mormons who would judge me for not judging them but I don't. I've known gay people (mormon or not) and see how much they suffer and I just don't believe they'd choose this. And I believe in a loving Heavenly Father who has given them this challenge (and He's given me plenty of challenges that I still can't overcome). He's also given us the opportunity to repent in the Spirit World (whether the sin be acting on their desires or me judging people or whatever) The atonement works for everyone. So, I'm leaving the judging up to Him. I'm with Cat about the Civil Parternship thing. Leave the word Marriage in a religious setting but allow people to make commitments to each other and get the same benefits as married people. Because the world is a better place if we take care of each other and we should be rewarded for doing so regardless of color, sexual orientation, age, whatever. I've seen Glee a couple of times. I think it's kind of funny but maybe since I'm not a super artsy person I just don't relate to it that well. Now, The Office, that will always be a fave.

Rita said...

I have yet to watch this show, but continue to hear how great it is. One of these days I will check it out.

Donna said...

People are NOT born gay. Go and
re-read The Family Proclimation.

"The test is to see whether or not Christians have the ability to demonstrate Christlike love without judgement." Is true for anyone. Not just gays-straight or blacks-and whites. Its the test for EVERYONE living their daily lives.

Kim said...

The statement, "Gender is an essential characteristic of individual premortal, mortal, and eternal identity and purpose." does not say that gay people CHOOSE to BE gay. The Church recognizes this. They have group meetings to support gay church members with the challenges that they endure (I know this because they have these support groups in my stake). If they didn't recognize that this is at least partially out of their control they wouldn't have support meetings they'd have group repentance sessions. There's also a group of people in the population who are intersexed (born with both a shmeckel and a vajay-jay, or none or some kind of combination in between). The estimate is that about 1 in 2000 are born intersexed that equals about 6500 mormons who are born "in-between" (a girl in my aunt's ward is intersexed). If the statement in the proclamation means that we are born either straight or gay, then it does not account for those 6500 LDS folks--and you can't argue with the fact that some people are born with both a penis and a vagina--you can see it on Discovery Channel and I learned about it in my BYU bioethics class. So, I accept the uncertainty that we don't know why some people are not born gay or straight or male or female. I love my husband and kids SO much and they love me SO much and I can't imagine life without that. So, I say to gay mormons--do the best you can and if you mess up, the Atonement's there for you. Because isn't all that we can do is our best? One final thought and then I'll be done. There was a young guy in my stake who was a total hottie, served a mission, worked in the Temple, had a career, and did I mention he was a hottie? Anyways, he committed suicide on the steps of our stake center because he felt like he had to be either gay or mormon. If my son turned out to be gay, call me selfish, but I'd rather have him be alive and live a gay lifestyle than have him kill himself over it. I'll take the knowledge that I've learned from the Prophet and Scriptures that we aren't perfect right now, that there's a lot that we don't know, but that there's a Spirit World and opportunity for repentance and the miracle of the Atonement and I'll let all of that work for my son. In the meantime I'll follow the commandments to not judge and to love my fellow man. I'm off to do my visiting teaching. Should I make this my VT message:)?

Alice Wills Gold said...

Funny that this post was supposed to be about living the future and I turned it into a messageboard for the frustrated Mormons.

I guess in a way it works because I am sure the future is full of homosexuality, not just online Tivo providers.

Did I mention that I really truly do love the gay people? I wanna make sure that is clear. I am not just saying it. I have no problem with them whatsoever.

It's just that I love God the most and I believe Him.

My heart goes out to people with same gender attraction, especially if they feel a constant tug between their sexuality and their spirituality. But, they don't want my sympathy, they want my love and they have it. They just don't have it in the way they want it.

Love doesn't always mean acceptance.

Alice Wills Gold said...

Reword doesn't always mean approval, not acceptance. I accept.

Anonymous said...

I have to get in on this convo.

First, I agree that we should love others regardless of their gender attraction.

Second, I agree that marriage should be a religious institution and civil partnerships should be available for whomever needs them.

Third, I disagree that if gay marriage was allowed the church would be sued for not marrying gay people in the temple. We dont' marry certain straight people in the temple either because you have to be worthy. Church is a private organization and you can't force religious freedoms to change. The church wouldn't be saying the individuals can't get married, they just can't be married in the temple.

hope that makes sense.

Donna said...

The church will NEVER O.K. gay marriage, civil union, or anyother way you want to word it. "...solemly proclaim that marraige between a man and a woman is ordained of God."

"Further we warn that the disintegration of the family will bring upon individuals, communities, and nations the calamites foretold by ancient and modern prophets."

"We call upon responsible citizens and officers of government everywhere to promote those measures designed to maintain and strenghten the family as the fundamental unit of society"

Doctrines and principles never change. God does not contradict himself. If he did he would cease to be God.

People choose to be gay. Do you see gay 3 and 4 year olds. Its learned and they choose it. No one is born that way. What ever they choose we jsut have to love them. Leave it to God to judge. But lets be clear no one is BORN a homosexual.
Intersex is another issue. Those people can't help that, but you do CHOOSE your sexual orientation.

Kim said...

Ali, I'm always in for a friendly debate. But this will be my last comment because this debate could go on forever and heck, I've got laundry to do! And I'm totally ok with agreeing to disagree. Yeah, I'm pretty sure the Church won't budge on marriage being between a man and a woman. The gospel is based on the belief that we have a Heavenly Father and Mother. But I don't know--maybe they won't be super opposed to civil unions, we'll see. There definitely was a day when people never would have thought they'd allow blacks to have the priesthood and that changed. Donna's not right about doctrines and principles never changing. Think of all the changes in the Church's doctrine since the time of Jesus Christ! And that's definitely one of the roles of our modern day prophets. Just last week in Sunday School I learned about the Law of Adoption which was practiced by men in the church in the 1800's. Men were sealed to other men. Sometimes family members, sometimes not. Interesting stuff. But these changes don't take away from my belief in a loving Heavenly Father, my testimony in the Church and my belief that if I practice faith, love, and charity I can live with my family forever. Fun discussion ladies.

Marla said...

Hmmm... I haven't seen gay 3 or 4 year olds. But then kids at that age have no attraction to the opposite sex. But, I have seen gay fifth graders.....

Donna said...

Excuse me, God's LAWS don't change. If the church apprpoves civil unions I will personally had you 1 million dollars in cash Kim. Don't hold your breath on that one.

Alice Wills Gold said...

Love a scandalous post. Sometimes I just need some drama in my life. Four daughters just ain't enough. ;)

Marla, that comment made me laugh.

And, I loved what Donna had to say.

I also think that the church has already kind of taking a stance on allowing gays the same civil rights and so I don't thikn they are necessarily opposed to civil unions.

And I appreciate what Kim was trying to say about doctrines changing, but I don't agree. Doctrines never change. Just the way God chooses to have us live his plan. The prophet's role is not to change doctrines. They are eternal and unchanging.

There was a reason that blacks didn't have the priesthood, it had nothing to do with prejudice. And the ban being lifted had nothing to do with any kind of pressure from the general public. Blacks getting the priesthood was NOT a changed doctrine.

There was a reason that the early Saints were told to live the law of polygamy. There was also a reason that they were told to stop living it.

Just because two men could be sealed together it doesn't mean that they were husbands. Fathers and sons are sealed all of the time.(I apologize here to my nonLDS readers who are totally lost)

I don't ever think that homosexuality will be a pure practice that God sanctions, but like I said before, if he does, I will be the first to embrace it.

Now, if polygamy comes back, then I might have a problem...but we may be able to work it out if you throw homosexuality in at the same time.

LG is so going to KILL me for saying that. Not to mention what the Bishop may think.

But, hey, we all know I've got issues.

Marla said...

Hee hee! Well, it's true! Ha!! I have one this year. He is writing love letters to boys..... it has certainly made me think this year.

Devri said...

lol whoa--- I came way late to this party.. darn it! I think Donna has said pretty much what I would have said anyways.. You are a strong woman! hugs

Katina Angola said...

oooh!!! so sad I couldn't get in on this a little sooner...I think People who make the choice to watch Glee should not be condemned for their desires to watch the show. I am not a Glee watcher but I still love the people who choose to watch. I would still want to be loved even though I watch Biggest looser on Tuesday, Criminal minds and Eastwick on Wednesday and Survivor, Flashforward and Vampire Diaries on Thursday. So in the words of Lady Gaga from the MTV video awards...with a slight change....."This (post) is for God and the Glee watcher!" ---and the audince bursts into cheers---

chantal said...

wow, I don't even know what to say in my comment, but I wanted to comment.
Alice, I agree with you 100%, and anyone else who agrees with alice-all those comments lost me as to who believes what.
I love gays. They are so fun. The gays I know are by far the least judgemental people I have met so far.
The only problem I have with gays is them having sex. It grosses me out. So I don't think about it. I just pretend they don't even do it. Sorry, it just turns my stomach. But I love them. I have known a lot of gay people in my life and have felt more love, compassion and friendship from them than I have from some people in my ward who are supposedly destined for celestial glory.
I would totally watch glee if I had the time.

Klin said...

I love the Jetsons. I wish THEY were still on TV.

WV= ingyphoo

I just think that's funny :D

mother goose said...

i do not know what glee is. interesting.
my take on Gays. I really don't know if they are born that way or not. I take it like the alcoholic. YOu could be predestined to be an alcoholic but if you NEVER take the first drink you will never know.

It is recognized one can have those feelings but it is taught that one should NOT act upon those feelings. Once the act is done than the uncontrolled appetite or behavior is very hard to overcome.

I do think that most gays choose that way of life. That if thoughts are caught and controlled prior. Everything starts in the mind. Cheating, lust and adultery starts first with the thought and then the actions. The same is for gay relationships.
First one thinks about it, they do not control their mind and fill it with other thoughts, they allow their minds to roam and then it leads to action. This is for every situation, stealing etc!

Erick Wills said...

I have never watched Glee, watched half of an Office episode and will say that these shows and most others these days are the reason we have all of the family problems in the first place. Get off the coach, turn off the TV and talk and play. Letting your kids learn what they are learning by watching that crap will only cause longer term issues. What one generation tolerates, the next generation embraces.