Monday, June 01, 2009

The Associate

The Associate The Associate by John Grisham

My review

rating: 2 of 5 stars
I detested this book. This was my LEAST favorite Gresham ever. From the whole rape overtone to the unclosed ending, it was a miracle I got through.

It could be that working in the legal field has tainted me towards the law theme, but I mostly just think tha Gresham got lazy and cranked this one out to be paid.

Highly disappointing.

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Devri said...

That sucks, I hate dissapointments.. hope you get your baby out soon so I can see her... nevah mind you want to see her too!

ShEiLa said...

I have enjoyed a couple of his other books... I guess I will be in no hurry to read this one after your review.

I have to be in a reading mood anyway. I have not been there for awhile.


Renee said...

Thank you. I love book reviews.

Nadelie said...

I agree that they ending was terribly disappointing, but I do not believe it was his worst book ever. It made me glad that Dave works in a small town and was never enticed by the big paychecks of the big firms.

Katina Angola said...

I never read Greshams, I just wait for the movie

Bunch of Brooks' said...

Hey Alli,
I need your email address so I can add you to my's private now. My email is


Mel said...

Did you have your baby yet? I hope #3 comes soon for me! I'm ready!