Thursday, May 28, 2009

You Tube Talent

I recently got an e-mail forward about this Mormon boy.

Here is Adam Ashby for your listening pleasure.

I had never heard of him.

I love the ukelele.

And I love that he loves the ukelele.

When he gets home from his Mormon mission,

I hope he makes a record.

And, for Cally and Lori, I want your honest opinion.

Don't you think that he looks a little like the twins?

Although, we know that Conan was WAY better

when he sang and played the guitar at his wedding reception. :)


JR Morgan said...

I woke up with their version of "I want to be..." in my head today. :0)

ShEiLa said...

Very talented.

Thanks for the YouTube share... I had never heard of him. Good luck to him on his mission.

Listened to all three songs... I really love I'm yours.


Meg said...

We had a missionary, Elder Enu (the shortened version of his name that we could pronounce), who played the ukulele and sang. He did sing "How Can I Be?" He has moved from our ward to Pensacola last I heard. He was really cool.

Anonymous said...
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cally said...

Uh...okay. I can see the resemblence a little, but Conan is WAY hotter. Even hotter than Scotter.

Good music!

Katina Angola said...

I love that last song. Everytime it comes on Albert always dedicates it to me.

Anonymous said...
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mother goose said...

oh my gosh, that blonde hunk of goodness is almost making me drool! and he can sing too! yummy!
I love the UKE! and the boy has some serious playin' skillz!

Marilyn said...

FYI-Adam Ashby is in my stake. His brother is an equally incredible singer.

Liam's Mom said...

I hope he does an album too! WOW!