Friday, September 26, 2008

The summer of their lives.

Yep, it feels like the sun is setting.

They are growing so fast.

I am so glad that I let them play in the water hose as much as they wanted.

Mom's advice for the day is to enjoy the summer of their lives.

Oh, and take swim lessons in the fall.
The weather is perfect.

The classes are smaller.

And the pool isn't crowded.

Be aware:
when the summer meets the fall,
moms can get sentimental
and emotional.

And they may post a whole lot of pictures of their kids.


Lindsey Rose said...

Those picts are soo cute! You are a good mom, your kids are always having fun and you don't even worry about the water bill. Someitmes I need to chill out!

Rita said...

These are great photos! That top photo completely turned me to mush Alice -- still have a lump in my throat as I type! And thank you for being sentimental and emotional -- it lets me know I'm not alone!

[Somebody Loved] said...

Your 3 little girls are so cute. I know they are not little-little anymore... but they are girls and I am a bit partial... since I was raised in a family of seven (no brothers). Abigail sure has beautiful dark skin (i have 2 sisters with skin like hers...the rest of us are pasty-white).

katie said...

cute pics! so is that water splashing abigail in the face or coming out her nose?! HA looks and sounds like you all had a super summer!

Mother Goose said...

when your kids are as cute as yours you can post as many as you like!

Mother Goose said...

not to mention it's your own darn blog and you can do whatever you like anyway!

Atkin Family said...

Cutest kids, Alice, and fun photos, what I wouldn't give for just a tiny bit of estrogen in my home, other than my own!! By the way I shared with Troy the comment about the matches, and he laughed and knew exactly what you were talking about! Hopefully that hasn't scarred you for life, b/c if that's the case, I'm sure there are many people Troy has scarred for life!! Have a good one -- enjoy those darling girls. If they have any Wills in them, I'm sure they're a little spirited as well! Quincey

Cheryl said...

Ok...did your sweet husband buy you a new camara?? These photos are GREAT! Especially the last one...ripples in the pool,blotches of H2O on your little ones face and those eyes! Beautiful!

I will give you a compliment from Northeast Tennessee..

"You gone and done good, girl! You jest might be a camraaa werkin lady when you get all grown up!"

psst...As a Mainer living in Tennessee...I get picked on'm throwing a few stones back!

Now I know that someone will laugh!

Anonymous said...

I luv the pictures. Your girls are getting so big. I love indoor pools in the winter. Keeps the summer alive. LOL

Katina Angola said...

I wish I were young again to enjoy all those things

The P*dunc's said...

Man, oh, man! What I wouldn't give to be a kid again! Great pics!

Anonymous said...

Your girls are so cute. They look like you! Which I think it a good thing. :)

I was actually thinking of your mom the other day. My mom was asking if I had seen her when one of the packards passed away. There was a big funreal right near my home. Since I am some what related to the packard family by marriage. she thought I might have seen you mom and dad. I have such great memories of your family.

Marla said...

Oh I LOVE the pictures! I love letting Ethan play in the water hose also. He loves it and there's nothing better than a hose and a bucket of water. Ethan could play in that for hours.

cally said...

The first photo makes me cry. I love it when my kids love eachother. Such good pictures Alice.