Saturday, September 27, 2008

A pig that flies

It's weird news Saturday.

This link
is for Cally.

Because we all love the flying pig over her mantle.

It's the favorite choice of artwork for LG and all of his old friends. Who guessed it...getting very old.

And I think that this is Conan on the right of Matt and Scott on the left of LG. Am I right?

Lori I I win?
If I am, I deserve a prize.
How about a flying pig.
Because the day that I can tell the twins apart every time, pigs really will fly.


The P*dunc's said...

Do you just call them, "Hey you!"?? I can never tell twins apart. Even if I can, I can never remember who goes by what name!

chantal said...

we have little twin girls in our primary. They are fraternal but I still mix them up all the time! The twins in your pic here are identical it seems.

[Somebody Loved] said...

I have twin nephews...
once in awhile I get the right name to the right boy... but mostly I don't have a clue.


Lori said...

You are correct, ma'am! What gave it away? Scott's slightly superior good looks?

Mother 25 - 8 said...

I hope you realize that I read your blog more than I leave comments. I love your blog.

Katina Angola said...

I think Scott is the one on the right.

cally said...

Oh my cute little happy pig.

ANd my husband is so much hotter than yours, Lori.

Ali, you're awesome. I love it.