Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Last Sunday was our Stake Conference.

Elder David A. Bednar was presiding. I felt so humbled and privileged to be in the presence of a modern day Apostle.

I wished I would have invited all of Knoxville to attend the meetings with me. I also wished that all of Knoxville was willing to believe that there really are modern day Apostles who speak as the prophets of old.

I cannot even begin to describe the feelings of my heart.

The message Elder Bednar delivered made me realize so strongly that the messages given by the leaders of the church are not about the man who is delivering the message. But, the messages are really about the Savior Jesus Christ, who Apostles are privileged to be a special witness for.

One of the most touching moments of the conference for me was the message of receiving power through the atonement of Christ.

Many people consider the atonement as only a sanctification through forgiveness of sins, but Elder Bednar instructed so profoundly that the atonement is also the way which each of us individually gains the strength of God.

With God, all things are possible.

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. ~ Philipians 4:13

And, it's Wednesday, so here is a video that I thought was inspiring.

It illustrates that we have got to push ourselves and trust in something beyond our limited vision and we can accomplish more than we ever thought was possible.

And, there should be no other perfect person to place that trust in except for God himself.


Cheryl said...

Oh how I loved this! It is so amazing what we really can do. Heavenly Father has gifted all of us with such beatiful talents. It sometimes takes time for us to tap into them, to find them...and to have confidence in ourselves.

Alice Faye said...

I love this clip. What motivation to try and do better no matter what stage we are in our lives. Thanks for a good cry.

Alice Faye said...

I love this clip. What motivation to try and do better no matter what stage we are in our lives. Thanks for a good cry.

devri said...

Thanks for that, you know I love you, but, I will be the one to say it- Alice-

Today is Tuesday!!!! not Wednesday...

You cracked me up, even when you were being spiritual!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Alice that was more than inspiring. The video & post...
ToOdLeS. Sheila

Marilyn said...

I LOVE Elder Bednar. He was in our stake 2 years ago and I STILL remember his teachings. BTW-I did a post just for you today.

Lindsey Rose said...

This was a great clip, it totally made me cry. That was am unbelievable conference too, One I will never forget.

The Farmer's Wife said...

Love your message! I recently read a talk he gave while pres. of Ricks...or whatever it is called now...anyway...all about the atonement and amazing!

Mother 25 - 8 said...

That was cool.