Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Is that what I think it is?

Getting gas in Salt Lake City can be a test of the mind over matter.
First, notice the price of gas.

Second take a look at that pepsi bottle on top of the gas pump.

I don't know about you guys, but that didn't look like Pepsi to me.

Maybe it is Pepsi in the form of "already broken down by the human bladder".

And, somebody needs to tell some caffeine drinking Mormon to start drinking more water and to dispose of his bodily fluids in a more efficient and less gross manner.


But, I guess I conquered the test.
We filled up, sanitized up, and got on our way to the armpit of America:
Rawlins, WY.
I wrote a new ad for the city.
It goes somthing like this:
Come and stay with us.
If you are in the middle of Wyoming with nowhere else to go, we welcome you.
We are the only small town in America
where a yucky hotel room costs you ONLY $130 a night.
The wait at the dilapidated TacoBell/KFC is over an hour.
And the stagecoach designed roads leave you lucky for the life of your rental car and kids.

And when you leave the line in dispair and go to the grocery store, you will be so happy, because we have old fashioned fruit roll ups.

And you'll get them all to yourself for the rest of your drive because they are so healthy and natural that your kids won't want to eat them.


Lindsey Rose said...

okay those friut roll-ups crack me up!!! My mom always used to but those and they are sick! So funny.

Sheila said...

what a town... Rawlins, WY. I will take note and make sure NOT to stop in for a visit. The wait at the drive throught totally reminds me of Moapa Valley aka Overton, NV. They got a McDonalds and it took 30 minutes or more... you know give birth to the cow, feed the cow, butcher the cow, etc. Then finally it arrives at the window cold???? What??? The KFC in Mesquite has had its share of issues... manangement is everything if its good management... of not it is a big zero for the customer. I guess the girls must have had their eyes on something less than healthy... but they were on vacation afterall.

Rita said...

LOL!!! I love your ad for Rawlins! I can't wait to visit. I'll begin planning our next vacation straight away! LOL

I won't even comment on the Pepsi bottle...

devri said...

Now I am changing our famous Tongan flight to the flight of the great nothing. It might be the same, unsanitary and all. Just so you know, Utahn's don't pee in there cups, that is good ol' beer.... :)

Yvonne said...

I haven't been through Rawlins in a very long time. Must say not missing it ; )

Anonymous said...

Wow what a great ad, that will certainly keep us away! The roll ups brought back a few memories.

chantal said...

Wow. For some reason this brings to mind one time many years ago,my family and i were travelling (In Canada) and we stopped in this tiny town that you cant even really call a town..the motel we stayed at was nasty.(the only motel in town). We pulled the bed sheets back and there were millions of huge nasty bugs in all the beds. We got up VERY early the next morning and hit the road.

Alice said...

The suspect Pepsi bottle is making me a little queasy just looking at it.

a wynn wynn situation said...

ewwww- please tell me you were up in SL at least? that couldn't happen in pretty and perfect happy valley, right? :)

Terry said...

Ugh, over four dollars for gas... there are a few advantages to living in the South East sometimes. That pepsi bottle was gross!!! Clever little add for Rawlings. :)