Friday, April 04, 2008

Conservative those words even go together?

Thanks to Missy for sending another fun quiz my way....this one must be SOOOO accurate.

You Are a Conservative Chick

Like Elizabeth Hasselbeck and Ann Coulter, you're conservative and proud of it.

You speak your mind, even if everyone else around you disagrees.

As you see it, you have to stand up for traditional values and what's right.


Rita said...

Ummmm...I didn't even need to take the quiz to know the answer, but I did anyway! I'm a conservative "chick" too! :)

Pedaling said...

do you really think i need to take this quizz?

Laura said...

i can't believe it i was a "moderate mama." i have to retake the test. that can't be right. i consider myself very conservative! what's happening to me?!!!!

Klin said...

I was sure I would be a Conservative Chick, but I ended up a Moderate Mama.

Probably has something to do with my career. However, I disagree with quite of what the "help" they feel my clients need. Just seems to create more learned helplessness and poverty.

I listen to Ann Coulter and Hannity when I have time and they are on.

The question about Hillary had me shouting "He** NO!"