Thursday, February 28, 2008

lisa way!

Look at what Cally got for her birthday...We are all so jealous!

Really, Cally, you should have let Lori get one first, she was the one to tell us about lisa leonard. But, I guess you can't control the best sister ever. Can you ask her to share her love language with us on our next birthdays? (LG, I know you are reading...FYI...I just read this page and I think I would love any love language you want to give:) I'm not picky, I'll take whatever it is you want to give....a gift of value, a date, a massage, words of affirmation, whatever, you are so good at all of them)

Speaking of lisaleanord, check out her latest post about her sweet!


Meg said...

That's who I got my Carson necklace from! I love her stuff! I also have a blue pottery shard with blue pearls necklace and earrings from her. She's great!!!!

Meg said...

Hey, I have never ordered from Kelly, but she does the same thing. I read her blog a lot. Hers is cheaper though (you can thank me later LG).§ion_id=5214469
Here's her blog if you wanna do some snooping before buying. She's LDS too and I know how much you love checking out LDS blogs.

Meg said...

Crap! Now you have a million comments from your crazy sister-in-law. I don't know how to link it. Here's another try. Kelly's ETSY
Teach me how to link it.

The P*dunc's said...

Wow! I am always amazed at parents with special needs kids, they are so strong and amazing!

Rita said...

Oh I love those Lisa Leonard design pieces. I've been eyeing them for a while. My chances of ever getting one are slim to none, but they sure are pretty!

Rachael said...

What a great blog and cute jewelry, too!