Thursday, February 28, 2008

How safe is your neighborhood?

My sister sent me this link. You can type in your address and find out exactly how close convicted sex offenders live from your home.

I really wish I wouldn't have looked at this, but I am glad to be informed that I have one directly behind my back fence!!! Scary! I guess the kids will not be playing outside without me this summer! It's lookin like it's time to move. But, with how many squares were on this map in the whole city of Knoxville, it is looking like it may be time to buy a gun and move out to the country.

Man, Shannon, I thank you for informing me, but I really am not going to be happy with my loss of sleep! Why do have to do that to me? You know how anxietal I am.


The P*dunc's said...

Not a lot of hits in my town, thank goodness, and no one near my house!

Kathy (Schultz) Johnson said...

Lucky for me none in my neighborhood, but there are a million kids so I'm sure if someone wanted to find a huge gathering of small kids mine would be the neighborhood to come to. YUCK!!! Thanks for the site - I posted it on my blog too.

Rita said...

I've gotten this emailed to me before and refuse to look -- I should, but I'm chicken!

(So don't you look and tell me -- I already lose enough sleep at night! LOL)

The Wills Family! said...

This is the one my husband gave me. It seems to have some that are missing from the other.