Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Easter Photos 2013

I've decided I really shouldn't torture the family with a photo shoot more than twice a year. 
It's pretty painful for them (and me) to have the required patience with my budding interest in photography. 

I find solace in one thing:
I am being a great example
of diligent pursuit of hobbying.

I hope that all my girls
will have hobbies
that they love and enjoy
and don't give up
for any reason.
(especially when they are moms)

The pictures may look good
but trust me
they took a good hour or two
and there were many many outtakes.


My favorite moment of the day:
making out with LG
while the kids watched
hammed it up for camera.


My second favorite moment:
watching the girls enjoy the shore.

Note to self:
no guardrails

Crazy Family.

I'm really bummed
we didn't get a good one
of this set-up.

really bummed.


Gina said...

LOVE that first one! SO GREAT!

Lori said...

Beautiful Alice! Can't believe how big the girls are getting!