Friday, March 01, 2013

Sharing Time - I want to follow Jesus

Post number 1400 today.
My blog has evolved.
I love its ability to share information
on all levels.

Today I am working on
for Primary.
I get to teach 50
3-8 year olds
all at once
and try to keep their attention.
I can't wait.

I just got done creating this coloring page.
At the end of the lesson,
the kids will get to
express what they've learned
in the way they like best:
coloring with crayons

Before they draw,
I will be playing with them.

We'll sing
Do As I'm Doing
play a matching game
while standing up
and sitting down.

They will learn
about the above 5 portraits
from Christ's life
and how Jesus Christ
set an example for us
and taught us all things that
we should do.

The list is endless
but we will focus on
working, being baptized, teaching, praying, and serving.

I love Jesus Christ
my Savior
and I love
that I belong to a His church
where the focus is
teaching and learning
at all ages.

And most of all
I love that I belong to a church
that knows
the best way for us to learn
for us
to teach.

Drop me a comment
or an e-mail
and I will send
you the
word doc.

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Kristen said...

I can't wait! That sounds so great!